We lag behind other countries in the world in terms of gas storage

And the head of the Gas Committee of the Energy Authority of the Islamic Council emphasized: Although we are the second gas producer in the world, we are lagging behind in the field of gas storage compared to other countries in the world, including the United States and Russia. .

In a conversation with reporters, Ramadan Ali Sangdwini said about the country’s gas storage policies: We are behind the rest of the world in gas storage. In general, to solve the imbalance in the gas sector and create a balance between gas production and consumption in the country, several things must be done, including gas storage.

We only have about 26 million cubic meters of gas storage

He went on to say that we are the second largest producer of gas in the world, and said: We produce about one billion cubic meters of gas in the country, but we are behind in storing gas, and we only store about 26 million cubic meters. Compared to gas storage in Russia and America, it is not numerical at all.

And the representative of the people of Gorgan and Ag Qula in the Islamic Council said: On the other hand, in the National Gas Company, there is a company called Gas Development Engineering, and this company follows up on infrastructure and development work. The gas storage company has been dissolved, but there is a plan in the engineering company to develop gas for storage. We must pay attention to both the gas storage area and the optimization of gas consumption, and we must also increase gas production.

Our first priority should be optimization and the second priority should be gas storage

The head of the Gas Committee in the Parliament’s Energy Committee emphasized: We must involve people in improving consumption, that is, people will benefit from this optimal exploitation, if people benefit in this sector, they will certainly cooperate more.

He stressed that the first priority should be improving gas consumption, the second priority should be gas storage, and our third priority should be gas production. Knowledge-based companies’ ability to store and produce gas should also be used. Knowledge-based companies can greatly transform the country’s production system and economy.

Sangdwini added, “Detailed gas storage planning should be done, and the discussion of gas storage should be pursued seriously in the northern provinces, especially Golestan Province.” By processing this region, we can reduce concerns about gas supplies in the north of the country in the cold season.

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