Requiring a technical inspection for cars 98 and over / a fine of 52,000 tomans by the police for vehicles without an inspection

The CEO of the Central Headquarters of Vehicle Technical Inspection in Tehran reported the requirements for vehicles of model 98 and earlier to obtain the technical inspection sheet.

According to the informants, Shadi Al-Maliki said about the cars required to receive the technical examination: Cars of the 2018 model year and earlier, which are 4 years old, are required to receive the technical examination.

He added: Cars that do not have technical examination papers will be fined 52,500 tomans by the police.

The Director General of the Central Headquarters for Technical Inspection of Vehicles in Tehran said that it is necessary to obtain a technical inspection of Model 98 cars from the beginning of this year.

Referring to the environmental reasons for the technical inspection on cars, he said: According to the Clean Air Law, it is required to obtain a technical inspection for cars older than four years. Carbon monoxide in vehicles requiring a technical inspection must be less than 7 tenths in the pollutant test, and this number must be less than 6 tenths in the higher technical inspection.

Pointing out that eight technical examination centers operate in Tehran from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, and stressed that: To refer to Beyhagi, Abshanasan, Siraj, Damavand and two mobile units of the New Foundation and Eastern Gilan, citizens can make a pre-appointment choose Your appointment without delay through an online appointment.

“For the convenience of citizens, the activity of the Beyhaghi Vehicle Inspection Center is open 24 hours a day,” said the general manager of the Central Vehicle Technical Inspection Headquarters in Tehran. The daily capacity of this center is 1,000 vehicles.

And Al-Maliki continued: During the month of Ramadan, with the exception of the Al-Bayhaqi Center, some other technical examination centers are supposed to provide services to citizens from breakfast until dawn. The names of these centers will soon be published on the Technical Inspection website.

Pointing out that the cost of the technical examination of cars in the new year is 92 thousand tomans, he said: Owners who are not aware of the technical examination of their cars can know the condition of their cars by visiting the website. .

According to the report of the city’s information base, the CEO of the Tehran Automobile Central Headquarters confirmed: From Saturday (April 5), all technical inspection centers operate from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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