Publishing companies shouldn’t worry about the country’s scientific decline / professors know how to choose resources

The Deputy Minister of Education emphasized that some private publishing companies are very concerned about the scientific decline in the country: “We recommend that you choose the sources, considering that they are taught to sympathetic and eminent professors of medical universities.” Focus on other topics. experiments. ”

According to the informantsthe doctor. Abul-Fadl Baghrivard said in this regard regarding the residency exam: The punishment in the previous government for the judicial residency exam was 48 (last year), but with the amendment of the regulations in the new government, it will be in accordance with the legal 49. Standards. Ministry of Health.

He said that the Ministry of Health stresses that the exam will not be postponed by a young general practitioner who has been committed for some time to educational justice for candidates who prepared themselves according to the exam evaluation, including those who passed the exam directly. .. “will not pass”. there.

“One of the main reasons for opposing the postponement of exams is the lack of timely aides in hospitals and universities, which has disrupted the country’s education and treatment system which is the ministry’s red line,” Dr. Bagreford continued. the health; Because people’s health is at risk.

According to Weibda, the Deputy Minister of Education said: For some publications and private companies that are very concerned about the origin of some experiments due to the scientific deterioration of the country! We recommend that they do other things as well, because the merciful and eminent professors of the country’s medical universities know how to teach, choose resources and take exams, and do not ask questions with questionable and outdated topics and concepts.

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