When is the right time to buy an apartment in Andesha?

Buying an apartment in Andishe today has many admirers. Excellent weather as well as good amenities are among the features of this city. In this article, from garlic to onions, we will examine this issue and ask when is the right time to buy an apartment? We will answer. stay with us

Rent a house in Andisheh Buy an apartment in Sadaf Andisheh

Where is the town of Andesha located?

In terms of geographical location, this city is located around Tehran and in the central part of Shahryar. It is 7 kilometers away from Tehran, 4 kilometers away from Karaj, and 3 kilometers away from the northwest of Shahryar. Novin Shahr is another name for this city and currently it has a population of 100,000 people. It should be noted that 6 phases of this town were designed and built according to the new urban planning regulations.

Why was the settlement of Andesha built?

Control over the population of Tehran was the most important goal of designing and establishing this city. Preventing marginalization, preventing the spread of all kinds of social anomalies, and creating a balance in the area’s environment are other goals for building this new city.

What are the factors to consider to buy an apartment in Andechye?

The first and most important factor for buying a home is the available budget. After considering the budget, other items can be added or removed. For example, access to transportation, access to educational centers, access to health and treatment centers, weather, amenities, etc. are among the factors and so-called options to consider for buying an apartment in Andes.

Rent a house in Andisheh Buy an apartment in Sadaf Andisheh

Separate stages of settlement of Andisheh in Tehran:

level 1

If you want to buy an apartment in Andisheh Phase 1, you need to know that the cloth in this area is traditional and ancient. Among the areas of this stage are the towns of Maryam, al-Mahdi and Rafah. It should also be noted that the positive migration to Andesha has caused many homes at this stage to convert from villas and courtyards to apartments.

Stage 2

The second phase of this settlement was built in the 1970s. In fact, building a house for scholars was the primary factor in creating this stage. The size of the house at this stage is often high, and because the large size requires more capital to purchase, the demand for buying a house at this stage is generally low. If you are looking for the second phase in order to buy an apartment in Andesi, you need to know that the urban planning system in this region is more regular than in the other phases, and there is less traffic in general.

Stage 3

Construction of the third phase of the Andishe settlement began in the early 1970s. It should be noted that the design of the residential complexes in the third phase of Andishe Settlement is very new and modern, and its infrastructure is highly desirable and exemplary.

It should be noted that commercial complexes such as Milad, Noor, Najaristan and others were built at this stage. In addition, cultural and sports complexes and many parks have been established in this region. They are all designed according to the best and most modern urban planning principles. It should be noted that the town of Sadaf is located in the third phase, and the purchase of an apartment in the town of Sadaf has many admirers and applicants. The reason for this is determined by the many amenities that are available in this city.

Stage 4

Most of the buildings in Phase 4 of Andishe Settlement are institutional and many villa properties have been built in this phase. It should also be noted that the large Iranian Islamic market, which is one of the attractions of Andisheh, is located at this point. The reason for the attraction of this market is its similarity to the Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan. It should be noted that the economic heart of the fourth phase is the title of this market. So, despite the many possibilities, it seems that buying a Flat in Andeesh Settlement Phase 4 is a cost-effective option.

Stage 5

The area of ​​the fifth phase of this city is about 194 hectares and it is located next to Karaj Shahryar Road. Saadi Cultural Center, commercial complexes, schools, parks, and mosques are among the amenities in Phase 5 of Andisheh Settlement. It should be noted that the houses in this stage are villas and apartments, and they often have a large area. If you are looking for phase 5 in order to buy an apartment in Andesheh, it should be noted that the neighborhoods of this phase are less densely populated than the other phases, and thus there is more peace and quiet in this phase.

Stage 6

Due to the special nature of this stage, the municipality generally does not grant building permits for the land on which it is located. If you are interested in Phase 6 in order to buy an apartment in Andechah, then you should be aware of this point.

Rent a house in Andisheh Buy an apartment in Sadaf Andisheh

The result is that:

  • Buying an apartment in Andesi today has a lot of admirers. Acceptance of this follows several reasons.
  • Among these reasons, we can mention the amazing price of houses in Tehran and the proximity to the capital.
  • Andesha Settlement Houses were built in 6 phases, each with its own characteristics and conditions.

In this article we talked about the new city of Andisheh Tehran. You can visit to get an answer to the question (When is the right time to buy an apartment in Andisheh?) and use the services of Andisheh real estate consultancy.

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