Tarimi: 2022 was great for me / We want to do a great job in the Champions League

Mahdi Al-Tarimi described 2022 as a very good year for him and expressed hope that the future will be better than the past.

According to the informants and reported by Ojo, 2022 is an “extraordinary year” for Mehdi Tarimi. Tarimi scored two goals for Porto this year and participated in the World Cup in Qatar.

“Actually, it was the best year of my career,” he said at the start. It was unique. Now I want to maintain this level and shine in the new year. It’s great to be with great players and it gives me a lot of motivation not only for 2023 but for 2024 and beyond.

Tarimi said of the previous year: It was a year full of great moments. I was able to participate in the World Cup, which I won with Porto at the Estadio da Luz and at the home of our rivals, Benfica.

Tarimi scored two goals in the World Cup in Qatar in the group stage. This Iranian player scored 18 goals and assisted 7 in 23 games with Porto this season. The 30-year-old forward believes Porto can do “something positive” in the current Champions League season.

The Iranian star added: I always showed my best performance on the field. I can guarantee that. Our team has a lot of quality and I think we can do something positive in the Champions League. Let’s see what happens. It is very difficult because we know the competition is very tough but we are trying our best. I hope we can do well in the Champions League this year.

After Benfica’s first defeat in the league, Porto closed the gap with this team to 5 points. Trami wishes for a second championship. In this regard, the Iranian player said: There are still 20 matches left. The most important thing is what we do at Porto, and that means doing everything we can to win every game. We’ll wait and see what the other teams do, but the most important thing, as I said, is that we put everything we’ve got into every game and always think about winning.

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