Enayati’s reaction to the masses’ complaint about independence: There is no color more beautiful than blue!

The coach says every club has a manager and it’s not his job to complain about independence.

“The match is very heavy,” according to the informants, Reza Enayati said in a press conference before his team’s match against Sepahan. We are working hard against a team that is strong in character and structure which is one of the two or three professional football clubs in Iran. In the first round, we scored against Sepahan in the 85th minute and we must not make a simple mistake in this match. The kids understood the situation and we think we can play well. God willing, we will live in better conditions in tomorrow’s match.

He said about the team’s plan to continue the season: “Our plan is to stay in the Premier League this year, but we will not give up and, God willing, we will be good at the end of the season.” We want to stay in the league and we will definitely see what happens next season.

The coach said to the fans about the absence of their team: Dariush brave and Mohamed Ghazi will not reach the next match for our team, but the rest of our players are happy and we are ready to play.

Regarding the transfer of his team to Tehran, he said: “I thank the Karaj stadium officials who hosted us.” They did their best. Unfortunately, in many matches, the quality of the stadium is poor, and we thank God that we were able to play in the well-managed Al-Marsr Stadium. There are good stadiums in Tehran, but I don’t know who owns them. We have good stadiums and if we give these stadiums to the Premier League teams, the problems will be solved. Organizations must come to solve problems.

And about the dismissal of Azizi Khadem, Yati also said: “If we want to talk about them, we have to see what they did.” However, the board did not like certain conditions. When this news came, we were all shocked and saw that it was serious. Those who come into football should think big. We’re not the 10th largest in Asia, and the situation has to change, and a new president with a better plan can make a huge difference.

“Some say why they complained about freedom,” he said of complaints from independence activists. I have nothing to complain about. The team is organized and managed and does not get into these issues. There is no color more beautiful than blue and I am not looking for a trend. I am pro-independence and wish this team good luck.

The Havadar and Sepahan match of the 18th week of the English Premier League will take place tomorrow (Friday) at 15:00 at Arrest Stadium.

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