The space industry is the source of countries’ wealth

President of the Iranian Space Organization:

The head of the Iranian Space Organization considered that the space sector is the source of wealth for countries, and this issue must be pursued seriously, and said: The agenda is to gradually reduce the space economy and its dependence on government investments.

According to ANA News Agency’s Knowledge and Technology Group, Hassan Salariyeh, head of the Iranian Space Organization, reviewed the capabilities of the country’s space industry and the current program at the opening ceremony of the 11th Iran International Aerospace Exhibition. The development and promotion of this industry said: The history of the beginning of this industry in Iran dates back to 40 years ago, and the so-called domestic industry was formed on the basis of local knowledge less than two decades ago. Establishing and developing the telecommunications industry in the country.

Referring to the two main features of the Iranian space industry, he added: First, we are proud to be local and rely on the knowledge and ability of local experts, as well as the diversity of the Iranian space industry in various products. Biological space capsules with various satellites and launchers and biological orbital test capabilities are other features that we have achieved positive results in these areas.

Regarding the ability of local specialists to build satellites, Saleh said: Different categories of satellites such as platform, light, micro and mini can be built in the country with different accuracy and capabilities, and all their equipment is provided with pride of knowledge. Enterprises and domestic industry research institutes. The country is furnished and built.

He said, “We have achieved the ability to build solid and liquid fuel engines, which have somehow spread from the defense industry to our space industry and are capable of carrying a payload of 200 kg at an altitude of 500 km and in orbits, sensing light and telecommunications satellites.” “

Referring to several important prospects in the space industry, the head of the Iranian Space Organization said: One of the points on the agenda is the interest in the space economy and the gradual reduction of dependence on government investments, because the space field is its origin. . Wealth for countries and this matter must be pursued seriously.

And he continued: economic development based on measurement services with the help of partner organizations, as well as communication and navigation services based on local knowledge, transportation and launch of space data, and ultimately benefiting from valuable space resources, among others. They, in our opinion, have been observed

Salaria stressed two points: strengthening the private sector to generate wealth with the space industry, which increases productivity and attracting and retaining elite human resources, and also focusing on marketing the products of the space industry, which accelerates economic growth.

At the conclusion of this exhibition and private and international meetings, the head of the Iranian Space Organization considered the establishment of the launch infrastructure, laboratories and industrial centers as a positive event to achieve the government’s goals in developing satellite manufacturing and moving forward towards professionalism in the space industry.

According to this report, on Tuesday, November 22, the 11th International Exhibition for Iranian Aerospace and Aviation Industries opened, in the presence of 80 local companies and 10 foreign companies, with a display of its latest achievements in the field of the aviation industry. . It continues on Friday, December 4th at a 6,000-square-meter exhibition site on Kish Island.

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