Sending 17 para-athletes to the UAE

“We are not looking for medals in these competitions, the goal is to conduct an international classification and evaluate the performance of the athletes,” said the head coach of the national athletics team.

Bahman Rezaei said in an interview with reporters, referring to sending 17 track and field athletes to the Fazza International Competition in the UAE on March 2: These competitions will be held from March 2 to March 11, with the participation of 68 countries and 620 athletes in the UAE, who will attend this tournament.

He said, “Hashemiah Mottaqian and Hamid Amiri are two players who have a golden opportunity in the Paris Paralympics, and they will be sent to this tournament with the support of the Federation of Veterans and the Disabled, and 15 other athletes of the international classification to participate in the Semi-Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, and the World Championships in Paris 2. It will kick off To the Emirates next March.

And the technical director of the national track and field team added in assessing the team’s condition to win a medal: “We are not looking for a medal in the Emirates, but the goal is to assess the physical and technical fitness of the runners. And we are doing the international classification, so that there is no problem with participating in the World Championships in Paris and the Games.” Let’s not have Para-Asian Hangzhou, China.

Rezaei indicated that the country’s athletics championship will be held in May next year, noting that the state championship is the last chance for athletes to participate in the national team.

He named Hamid Amiri, Hashemite Mottaqian, Saeed Afroz, Amanullah Babi, Hormuz Seydi, Milad Ramzani, Elnaz Darabian and Atena Mohammadi as the 8 athletes who have a chance to win the gold medal at the Para-Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, and said: These 8 national athletes are athletes They have a chance to win the gold medal, so there is no need for them to participate in the Asian Games and the World Championships in Paris, unless they want to participate in these competitions.

At the end, Rezaei asked the question about what is your assessment of the condition of the para-athletes at the Hangzhou Asian Games in terms of medal status? He added: Although the status of the records is satisfactory, we cannot accurately predict the number of medals and the team’s standing in the Asian Games.

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