The number of conflicts in the province decreased by 6%.

Informants / Mazandaran The Director General of the Mazandaran Institute of Forensic Medicine published the statistics of the examinations conducted in the province for 13,524 people (8,758 men and 8,758 women) during the eight months of this year and said: This figure is less than 6%. in the same period last year.

According to the informants, Ali Abbasi said: According to the report sent from the provincial centers, most of the conflicts were in the cities of Sari and Miandrud with 1,953 people, Babol with 1,687 people, and Nowshahr and Chalous with 1,424 people, at least. . Faridunknar city is registered with 266 people.

He indicated that, according to the available information, the highest number of conflicts was recorded in September with 1,828 cases, August with 1,787 cases, and June with 1,778 cases, while the lowest number was recorded in May with 1,000 cases, and 517 were reported. condition.

Stressing that conflict is one of the common reasons people resort to forensic medicine centers, the Director General of the Mazandaran Forensic Medicine Institute said: Most people are brought to forensic medicine centers by the judicial authorities and the police after conflicts. The type and extent of injury is determined in accordance with the Islamic Penal Code.

This official considered the low level of tolerance of people in society as the reason for the increase in the number of conflicts and said, “Teaching life skills, especially at an early age, people’s level of tolerance is necessary.” An increase in stressful situations. Instead of physical conflict, the problems of both sides should be resolved through dialogue and understanding.

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