1,166 people drowned in the country

The Forensic Medicine Organization reported that 1,166 people drowned in the year 1400.

According to the informants, The country’s forensic organization sank, killing 1,166 people last year. This is 1.9 percent less than the previous year, when the number of victims was 1,188.

Of the total drowning victims last year, in 1997, 157 were men and 157 were women. During this period, the provinces of Mazandaran 147, Khuzestan 125, and Gilan 91 feet were the most affected.

In previous years, 1,400 rivers recorded the highest number of drowning deaths. This year, 316 people lost their lives in rivers, accounting for 27.1% of all drownings last year.

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After rivers, the highest number of drowning deaths was related to the sea at 201 feet, with 185 people losing their lives in illegal areas and 16 people in safe areas. 187 agricultural ponds, 109 swimming pools, 106 artificial lakes and dams, 94 canals, 33 ponds and ponds, 28 wells and natural lakes respectively, sank a maximum of 24 feet last year. And 68 people died elsewhere.

An important factor in this figure is the 51.4% increase in mortality due to drowning in swimming pools compared to the previous year. In the year 1400, 109 people died in swimming pools, up from 72 last year. The growth of these numbers is compounded by the need for more pool monitoring, the presence of professional lifeguards and lifeguards, and improved safety in these areas.

The highest number of victims was in July 1400

Most drowning deaths are associated with summer and the warmer months of the year. The highest death toll in July was 189.

In the summer, in addition to the increased volume of travel, the tendency to swim and body water due to hot weather if safety advice is not heeded can lead to irreparable accidents and as a result 482 drowned last summer.

Take precautions during upcoming holidays

On the eve of Eid al-Fitr and the possibility of increased travel especially in the northern regions and coastal governorates as well as in tourist resorts, swimming in rivers, ponds and canals is essential. Make sure to focus only on people and use them for swimming.

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