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E-News Agency – District Group – Ismail Keshtkar: With the recent price hike, the prices of seafood such as fish and shrimp have not stabilized and have risen dramatically, and every day is far from yesterday.

Fish and shrimp are the staple foods of southerners, and since these cities are bordered by ports and the sea, the price of seafood is expected to be cheaper.

The arrival of fish sellers to the market has reduced the purchasing power of citizens compared to the previous months and this is clearly visible, and the high price is the main reason why people are unable to buy.

Fish prices go up in summer

Every year, with the onset of the heat of the sun, there is a shortage of fish on the market, and this shortage has also led to an increase in fish prices. From about mid-July to mid-August, fishing is prohibited in the ports of Bushehr Province for a month, and this closure of the sea increases the prices of aquatic products.

Beach residents schedule free of fish and shrimp / high prices of aquatic products

But from August 15, offshore fishing, barges, and boats head out to sea to catch shrimp and fish for a living after a month’s rest.

A marine license is required for fishing and shrimp fishing, either by boat or by boat helpless With a fishing license, fishermen spend three to four days on a barge, and navigators spend a day and night fishing at sea.

Shrimp from 110 to 450 thousand tomans

Every year during shrimp season, fish and shrimp market is always well accepted, but the high price and poor quality compared to the high price of this useful and healthy aquatic product has always made people unwelcome.

The market price of shrimp currently ranges from 110,000 tomans (average) to 250,000 tomans, and king prawns to 450,000 tomans. The cost of cleaning each kilo of shrimp ranges between 10,000 and 20,000 tomans.

Beach residents schedule free of fish and shrimp / high prices of aquatic products

Shrimp Roe, Fried Shrimp, cooking Shrimp, shrimp soup and shrimp rice are delicious dishes Oh .. you This sea water is used for cooking.

Fishing costs increase

Yadaleh Jashamhan, a shrimp seller, said the high price of shrimp was due to the ice, seafarers’ food, boat and boat fuel prices, ship consumption and the cost of fishing gear. and increase the price of merchandise.

Mahdi Could you A fisherman and prawns said: Fishing and sailing are hard and exhausting work. In hot and cold weather, fuel must be consumed for several kilometers to reach the desired place for fishing and shrimp.

“The fishermen are not as prosperous and profitable as in the past. At today’s prices, the prices of fish and shrimp are definitely higher than other commodities,” he said.

The higher the price causes the purchase quantity to decrease

Ali El-Hadary, a resident of Ghana, said the price of shrimp had gone up a lot compared to last year.

“Last year, we were buying medium-sized shrimp for 120,000 tomans, but this year we sold the same shrimp for 220,000 tomans,” he added.

Beach residents schedule free of fish and shrimp / high prices of aquatic products

The tables are full of fish and shrimp

Mohamed Amin Rahimi is another citizen of January Oh .. you this is ribbon “The rise in fish and shrimp prices led to a decrease in the volume of purchases among citizens,” he said.

Rahimi said: “Fish and shrimp are less in our diet, and maybe we buy and cook them once a week.”

Of course, fishing and shrimp fishing is one of the hardest jobs, and with the sweltering heat of summer, blistering cold of winter, storms and sea waves, it really is a tough and difficult task that not everyone can do. . .

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