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Gilani dishes are among the most popular Iranian dishes. After traveling to this beautiful city, many people are looking for restaurants that can make a good Gilani Sorgalia so that their sweet memories will be repeated again. Nordic food is one of the best foods that many people enjoy eating.

Sarqaliya broth is one of the most delicious northern dishes. Duck, goose or chicken can be used as the main ingredients. Cobs, fresh garlic leaves, and eggs are other ingredients used in this soup. Some people add saffron, onions, dry dill and fresh garlic to make it tastier. Northern stews are usually sour, and in Gilani Sergali, they use orange juice or apagura to make it sour. Some may confuse Sarqalya with Sir Waoj.

Gilani serkley served with rice, garlic pickles and horseradish. If you are a fan of satiety, we recommend you to eat this soup. Also, if you are the type of person who loves garlic but you are depriving yourself for fear of its smell, you can try this soup. Because it is a simple and odorless food, the best time to prepare it is in the fall and winter. Because garlic is fresher in these seasons.

As a result, plan your week now and try the delicious Gilani dish at Razaghi Restaurant. In this restaurant located in Rasht, you can enjoy Gilani garlic with the best raw materials online or in person. To place orders online, visit the Best Restaurant in Rasht page.

Teaching roe deer and garlic soup

To make Gilani Roux and garlic chicken broth (duck or goose), they serve rice with garlic and radish. Below we plan to teach you how to prepare this northern soup so that you can prepare and enjoy it at home as well as eating it in a restaurant. The necessary ingredients for 6 people are given below, you can increase or decrease this amount depending on the number of people.

1.5 cups cobs
600 grams of chicken (thighs)
6 cups of finely chopped garlic leaves
5 eggs
Salt, pepper and turmeric (as needed)
One onion, peeled and cut into four wedges
Two small onions, peeled and cut into slices
Oil as needed
Two tablespoons of orange juice or water

How to prepare Northern Gourmet garlic

Step one: Soak the cobs the night before. Also, change the water several times so that the mug cooks faster. Then drain the water from the cotyledons. Cook it separately in a saucepan, but be careful not to crush the cobs.

Step two: Put the onions cut into four pieces with the chicken in a pot of water. Then add the necessary spices such as turmeric, salt and pepper. Put the chicken on a medium heat until the water boils. If foam forms on the water, remove it with a spoon and discard it. Then reduce the gas flame and let the chicken cook for 45 minutes. Then separate the chicken and fry it a little in another pot. Skip the fried chicken. Pass the prepared chicken broth through a strainer and set aside.

Step 3: Pour enough oil into a bowl. Now put the pot on medium heat. Fry the chopped and sliced ​​onions in the saucepan for three to seven minutes. Onion should be light. After that, put the finely chopped garlic leaves in the pot along with the salt, pepper and turmeric and fry the ingredients well. The material should be golden. At this point, you should pay attention to the garlic leaf so that it does not turn black.

Step 4: In this step, eggs should be added to the fried onions and garlic leaves in the pots. After that, leave it so that the whites can catch themselves a little. Meanwhile, stir the ingredients in the pot well. Now you have to add the pre-cooked cobs to the mixture of garlic, onions and chicken.

Step 5: Add the fried chicken to the pot along with some of the chicken stock that you strained before. Let the chicken mix with the water a little. Then mix them together. Now you have to wait for the so-called Gilani soup to happen.

Step Six: Add 2 tablespoons of orange juice or water. Now it’s time to bring the white radishes, pickles, salad, olives and rice to the table and enjoy the Gilani Sarqaliya soup.

How to prepare Gilani broth with garlic

Gilani’s local dish is garlic stew. How to prepare this soup was described above. You can also order this food online or in person at Razaghi Restaurant and enjoy its delicious taste. Most northern foods have a sour taste. You can taste it before serving and if it is not sour enough you can add more broth. Choosing fresh garlic leaves is very important. Because the higher the quality of this substance, the tastier it will be.

Sergalia Gilani

Points to consider when cooking this soup, if you forgot to soak the cobs beforehand, you can wash them with water several times. Repeat this several times. After frying the garlic leaves, they will be very small in size. So feel free to add fresh garlic leaves. Never put garlic cloves in soup. Just dropping leaves is enough.

You don’t always have to use chicken. You can also use duck or goose in Gilani sirqaliya. If you are using duck, make sure it is properly cooked in the pot after washing it. Finally, add to the soup. Gilani roe stew is a stew with less water, if you are using chicken. So add chicken broth to the food until the water gradually decreases.

Gilani Sorkalih with chicken

As mentioned, you can use duck and goose for the silani sorgalia soup. At Razaghi Restaurant in Rasht, you can order Gilani roe with chicken. Roe stew is one of the most delicious Iranian stews, which has a sour taste. This dish is mostly prepared in fall and winter.

In other seasons, you may not be able to make the sargali as you like. Because garlic is the main ingredient of this dish; They are found fresh only in the fall and winter. As a result, eating this food in these two seasons gives a special taste.

How to prepare Gilani Sakkali without the beans

Sometimes some people don’t like cod liver oil or are allergic to it. In these cases, you can prepare sorgalia gelani without the cobs. There is no significant change in its taste. Some people sometimes forget to soak the cobs the night before. However, they cannot use it at all in soups. This soup has many benefits. Order at Razaghi Restaurant with first-class materials and enjoy its taste. Also, you can put cob or not in your order so that it can be made as per your wish.

Circular for two

You can order a variety of local and Gilani dishes from Razaghi Restaurant located in Rasht, Golsar, 123rd Street corner. Sarleh Gilani is one of the dishes that can be ordered for two. You can get your food hot both online and in person.

Razaghi Restaurant is one of the high quality restaurants in Rasht Gilan. A restaurant with a very elegant and modern atmosphere and the use of first-class fresh materials made this restaurant the largest restaurant in the north of the country. It is also known as one of the most popular food ordering apps in Gilan Province.

You can get all kinds of northern cuisines here, including Gilani Sirqaliyeh, and even on holidays, come with your family and enjoy not only its inviting atmosphere, but also the delicious food. Also, you can start now to prepare the sargaleya for two people and prepare it at home according to the mentioned recipe. Then, just in time, get a real taste of the restaurant.

north of Syracuse

Garlic, which is the main ingredient in Gilani Sarkali, has many advantages. This plant has many properties. When it is used in that food along with other ingredients, it can make it even healthier. In other words, you will not only eat a delicious meal, but also improve your health.

Controlling blood cholesterol is one of the benefits of eating northern cherry. Improving blood, improving blood circulation, lowering blood sugar, and increasing red blood cells are other benefits of this northern soup, and you can order and enjoy it to increase your health.
At Razaghi Restaurant, this dish is prepared with fresh garlic leaves and high-quality raw materials, and you can enjoy it both at home and in a restaurant.

Sirqaliyeh Gilani Rasht’s rainy weather in the fall and winter seasons can create a wonderful experience for you and your family. All kinds of Iranian food taste better. Make sure to try Sirqaliyeh Gilani and share your experience with others. This dish is very simple and at the same time very tasty.

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