To popularize the economy, the cooperative sector is preferred more than the private sector

Informants / Center “For the generalization of the economy, the cooperative sector is definitely better than the private sector,” said the central governor.

On 21 Shahrfar 1401, in the 17th Festival of Major Cooperatives and the 14th Ceremony to Honor the Senior Entrepreneurs of the Central Province Dr. Farzad Mukhles Al-Imams, referring to the Supreme Leader’s list of the country’s problems through achieving a resistant economy. He said: The knowledge economy and the popular economy are among the pillars of the investigation.

He added: In the field of the knowledge economy, which is one of the pillars of the resistance economy, there have been positive events, although the share of the central region in the number of knowledge-based companies is not a good share, but in general, the country has taken a good step towards a knowledge-based economy.

Mukhles Al-Aima said: To popularize the economy, the cooperative sector is better than the private sector, and it plays an effective role in stabilizing the state’s economy.

Noting that the cooperative has not yet been able to involve most people and society in the country’s economy, he said: The main culprit is the structure that we have seen when there is inefficiency in the country. Integration and integration of the cooperative sector with labor and social welfare, and the cooperative sector in general is not prominent in the Ministry of Labor.

The central governor stressed that the cooperative sector should be seen as a dynamic component of the economy of the people of the country, and considered the establishment of deputy in the ministries as a solution to the mobility of the cooperative sector and said: by reforming the structure in the cooperative sector. The country and the region that supports the cooperative sector We will have growth and prosperity in the cooperative sector and we will work on the transformation portfolio for the cooperative sector.

He said, the central province is ready to hand over many activities to the cooperative sector, and cooperation between cooperatives and the county should be expanded.

13 cooperative companies were opened in the central governorates

According to the informants, the Director General of Labor, Cooperatives and Social Welfare in the Central Region said in this celebration, pointing out that the cooperative week revives the values ​​of participation, unity and social responsibility, he said: The number of cooperative companies registered in the highest cooperative in the district cooperative system is 124. It is a cooperative that has grown by 65% ​​compared to last year.

Jamshid Omid added: The number of entrepreneurs registered in the Entrepreneurs Association reached 102, an increase of 40% compared to last year.

He stated that 13 cooperative companies and 5 entrepreneurs won the first prize for the governorate and were honored with inspection and evaluation. In fact, they have created 351 jobs.

The Director General of Labor, Co-operatives and Welfare of the Federation of Provinces stated that the Federation of Provinces includes 8,562 cooperatives and indicated that: 661 cooperatives have been dissolved, 2361 active cooperatives, 2416 inactive cooperatives, and 424 inactive cooperatives have been dissolved. Equity cooperatives have 998. 1,253 members created 22,426 jobs.

In this ceremony, Abdullah Kazemi, the representative of the governorate’s cooperatives, and Khalili, the head of the governorate’s workers’ union, raised issues and problems in the field of cooperatives, and in the end, the governorate’s senior cooperatives and businessmen raised issues. The boycott was introduced. He was proud.

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