The Qatargate regime remained on the legitimacy and credibility of the European Parliament

a financial scandal in the European Parliament;

The regular meeting of the heads of state of the European Union is taking place amid the revelations of the financial scandal in the European Parliament and the possible role of Qatar and Morocco in bribing members of this parliament.

According to the Anna Global News Group report, the footsteps of Qatar, the host country for the 2022 World Cup, can be seen in the European Parliament corruption scandal; The case concerns Eva Kelly, the expelled member of the European Parliament. .

Expelled MEP and prominent advocate for Qatar Eva Kaili and three others have been arrested in Belgium as part of a wide-ranging police investigation into Qatar-related bribery.

The European Union has been implicated in one of the biggest financial scandals of recent decades. Although this scandal has rocked Brussels, perhaps to some who are well acquainted with European institutions, especially the European Parliament, these days the news does not seem so new and strange.

“The European Parliament has been going with a ‘restrictive’ approach for years. Parliament spends the budget and we’ve seen this issue abused many times,” said Nicholas Ayosa, vice-president of Transparency International, the European Union’s anti-corruption body.

According to the European official, systemic corruption in the European Parliament is only a small part of the incentives that make MPs ideal targets for those seeking to influence European politics.

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