The Iranian news agency on the Internet broke the international record for the Iranian aggregator after 9 years Iran and the world news

According to the online news agency quoted by the Public Relations of the Shooting Federation, the preliminary stage of the shooting competition the bow The third level cup Singapore Asian held today, Tuesday, June 16, at the end of the preliminary stage complex Men, Mohammad Salih Balizban broke the Iranian record after 9 years.

He finished first in the primary by scoring a record 714. Previously, the record complex Iran was at the disposal of Ismail Ebadi in the international arena, who played at the Asian Games in Incheon 2014 He managed to score 710 points. In this way, Balispan broke the Iranian record by four points after 9 years.

Milad Rashidi in the primer complex He finished seventh with 705 points. Muhammad Ali Karimi came in 31st place with 692 points. Armin Pakzad ranked 34th with 692 points.

Mehta Abdullah came in 32nd place with 623 points in the women’s preliminary round. Yasna Burmahani ranked 34th with 620 points. Mobina Falah came in 48th place with 582 points.

Iran’s women’s team includes Mehta Abdullah, Yasna Burmahani and Mobina Fallah on points. 1823 He stood in the twelfth position.

The Iranian Recro Mix team, with a mixture of Mahta Abdullah and Mohammad Hossein Kalashani, with points 1299 He stood in eighth place.

The Iranian men’s complex team, with a selection of Muhammad Saleh Balizban, Muhammad Ali Karimi and Milad Rashidi, with points 2111 He stood in second place.

Compound Mix team from Iran with a mixture of Mohammad Salih Balizban and Giza Baybordi with points 1408 He came in second place.

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