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According to the report of the news agency on the Internet, citing the Volleyball Association, the Geez Journa After the match against Iran’s national volleyball team, which ended 3-2 in favor of the Netherlands, he said: In the first group And the third The match of the Iranian national volleyball team put great pressure on the Dutch national team in service. But as you saw, we also did it with the Iranian national volleyball team.

He said: Every time the Netherlands performed better, we won this group, and every time the Iranian team performed better in the service, they were the winners. In my opinion, both teams showed their best performance on the pitch, which made it a tough and close match. I’m happy we were able to win this match.

Fifth related As stated in the atmosphere of the hall and the presence of the Iranian spectators: We witnessed a wonderful atmosphere. I was really pleased that there were many Iranian and Dutch spectators in the hall. This problem caused it every moment The atmosphere in the hall will improve during the match. All fans of both teams Perfection They were standing behind their team.

The Iranian national volleyball team ended the second week of the Nations League with one victory over Germany and three defeats against America, Italy and the Netherlands, to collect two victories and 8 points in the first and second weeks.

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