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Miqdad Teymouri, in a conversation with an online reporter, announced the establishment of the national junior team’s camp for taekwondo in Shahrud, and said: 24 athletes are training in taekwondo under the supervision of Hamid Jafari, coach of the national junior team in taekwondo. .

He stated that the taekwondo players from the Iranian national team are preparing to participate in the Asian competitions in Beirut, and added: This camp will last for two weeks, and efforts have been made to create all conditions for the athletes.

The Head of Sports and Youth of Shahrud stated that taekwondo players from all over the country are present in this camp and said, “Two young girls from Shahrud are also in the national taekwondo team and are following their training.”

Timuri said that Benjamin Mohammadi and Atilla Maulana from the city of Shahrud are in the camp of his country’s national team for taekwondo, and he said: The camp has good conditions and the athletes are also training well.

He considered the goal and focus of the camp to improve the preparation of the players of the Iranian national taekwondo team to participate in the Asian competitions and added: These competitions will be held in 10 weights.

The head of sports and youth in Shahrud announced the date of the Asian competition on September 15 in Lebanon and said: We will do our best to prepare the team for the competition in the best possible way.

“According to the announcement by the head coach of the country’s national taekwondo team, there will be two athletes in the first six weights and three athletes in each weight in the second four weights, which will have a total of 24 athletes,” said Timuri.

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