2 Nasr Fardis futsal player plays legally? / Lovely: Some make digging nervous!

Informants / Khuzestan The head of the women’s national futsal team asked the federation to explain the reason for recruiting two players from Nasser Fardis, Sarah Sherbigi and Arizo Sedkiani, apparently after their transfer to the team.

“Fortunately, he is preparing his team for a good match with Nasser Fardis in the semi-finals, and all our efforts are to pass this stage successfully,” Munijeh Ziba said in an interview with reporters. Even if we didn’t close the team in the playoffs, maybe if it wasn’t for the injuries of our players, we would still be able to reach the final, even if we weren’t disappointed. So far, our team has performed well compared to the cost of the Abadon, Peykan and Nasr teams. Our team did not spend a third of its time on other teams, and none of these teams had media or refereeing support.

The federation demanded more control over the deal between Sarah Scherbiji and Arizo Sedkiani: “According to the information collected, we found these two players at the beginning of the season, after the transfer deadline and after the second half of the season, and we are concerned. I think the answer to this will get us out of our worries.”

“In any case, if Sherbigi is appointed as a free quota after the transfer deadline, he can no longer take Sadegani as a free quota after the transfer deadline expires,” said the head of the women’s national futsal team. Therefore, Nasser Fardis is not entitled to use this player, and this is against the law. Of course, we also have reliable information that Arazu Sedkiani’s contract was signed two weeks later, as Al Nasr announced on November 6, one week after the half-season transfer deadline expired, which is January 1. This is the start of the Premier League and the end of the transfer deadline.

He said: The same thing happened to Fershta Karimi, and after his return to Iran and joining the Pakistani national team, he played in the Kuwaiti league in conjunction with the Iranian league, and other teams protested and their contracts were registered. An error was found, but the federation has not yet responded, but in any case, Frishta Karimi has not been formed based on the Spanish club.

Ziba said: “Our sense is that all our efforts are for the victory of Bikan or the victory of Ferdis, and I hope that our union will prevent us from responding to the agreement between Sherbigi and Sedkany.” Meanwhile, one of the young coaches who won a championship and coached the national team, Ms. Slimani, is constantly interviewed as the head coach of the national team, who injured her teammate. Although his player was injured, the coach used him for 16 to 17 minutes in the half against the drill team, and the same player was injured. This coach criticizes a lot and no one tells him anything, but if we give such interviews about the national team, we will be fined.

“Our team is very dedicated and we expect respect for the federation,” he said. If we don’t talk, I’d like to thank the club management and NDC’s support for our group. However, some union representatives don’t bother a team as much as the national pits. For example, when they don’t have an excuse for our home games, they still protest, even if it’s trash in the games room and locker room, but some other teams host non-standard halls. Of course, as soon as we get the support of the drilling club, we thank God and the union is sure that the national drilling club has always had a team and in my opinion it is safe and silent in the face of problems. . Union representatives make us. He only supports teams that enter the league for a year so they can stay, but not stay.

“Unfortunately, some representatives of the federation are concerned about our team and our players,” Geba said. Of course, some of the representatives of the union are good, and I thank them. I think the union representatives look at all the teams with one eye.

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