warning to Persepolis; In the long run, withdrawal will affect Yahya’s team!

Aftab news:

Seyed Mahdi Seyed Salehi said about Persepolis’s 2-1 victory over Gul Johar and this team’s qualification to the FA Cup semi-finals: Both teams were full of talent and topped the table, but in any case it was the FA. The cup is different from the league. The formation of the two teams was close 2-4-4. Gol Gohar tried to get the same number of midfielders as Persepolis in this game.

Persepolis attacked with fear in the second half
He added: Persepolis started to possess the ball and Gul Johar was looking for counter-attacks. After the goal scored by Gul Johar, the visiting team played a higher performance. In the second half, they played better in the same way and made it even more difficult for Persepolis. In the second half, Persepolis attacked with fear.

Veteran Persepolis stated that divine substitutions caused Persepolis to fall behind and said: Persepolis fell behind in the match with Esteghlal. In the long run, fear of sitting can take a toll on Paleo. The league has no extra time and there is no room for risk. Persepolis attacked hard in the second half, Jules Johar had nothing to lose, which is why they created so many chances.

“We will see Persepolis and Esteghlal in the finals,” he said about the continuation of the Elimination Cup. These two teams are better than Nasaje and the fans in terms of numbers and style of play. In yesterday’s match, had a penalty kick been scored for Mohabbi, the match would have been easier for Esteghlal. The South Pars team had a good drive. Of course, if Persepolis and Esteghlal meet in the final, everything will be 50-50. It was the same in the derby, and only the experience of Persepolis was more able to win the derby.

Syed Salehi said a lot about Issa’s performance: He did not have ideal conditions after his return. I also injured my cruciate ligament during my football career and had a very difficult 6 months. I had two children and struggled with difficult circumstances of independence. I understand Jesus, but the difference is that when I came back I played 12 matches for 90 minutes and scored 11 goals. I came back in perfect conditions. Many should be given a chance. When that forward returned, the team had a huge hole in the offensive line. Jesus wasn’t 100% ready from the start and had a lot of pressure on him. The shirt he took off was a sign of pressure on him. He was less nervous in this game and was able to show his ability.

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