Traffic light intelligence in major cities

Farajah Traffic Police Chief announced plans to make traffic lights smart.

Sardar Syed Kemal Hadinfar in conversation with informants. Regarding the use of smart traffic signs on the roads and their impact on traffic, he said: Intelligence and the use of knowledge are among the things that started in the traffic police, which include the implementation of the electronic drawing scheme and the use of drones. in the Management. traffic, providing online numbering services and license plate replacement, etc. In this regard, the intelligence of road traffic lights is one of the things whose first stage is included in the agenda of the traffic police and other responsible agencies in big cities.

Pointing out that Tehran was a pioneer in the use of smart boards, he said: In addition to Tehran, important measures have been taken in Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, and others, and of course there are still measures that must be taken.

Traffic light intelligence in major cities

Sardar Syed Kamal Hadinfar, Chief of Traffic Police

Faraga Traffic Police Chief said whether or not the use of LED lights in the signal will be considered: These lights will also be used, and the signs must be observed in different circumstances, for example, the speed limit can be announced to drivers depending on the traffic conditions on the roads.

“These signs must complement day and night vision and be in such a way that drivers can see them at all hours of the day and inform them intelligently,” Hadianfar continued.

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He said about the impact of using these signs on traffic: “Surely, the intelligence of signs will have a great impact on traffic management and even preventing accidents. It must be expanded faster.

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