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Muslim Rahmani, today, on the sidelines of the signing ceremony of the agreement for the plan to increase ethane gas production in the South Pars gas complex, in the presence of correspondents, and in response to correspondents’ questions regarding the latest gas tariff change status, as reported: According to the first part, item “g” and item “l” Note 15 of the Budget Law of 1402, the government and the National Gas Company are obligated to re-examine the consumption pattern of the domestic sector. And amending the natural gas tariff so that free bills are issued to subscribers covered by the Relief and Welfare Committee who have moderate consumption.

He added: On June 21, the government announced the executive regulations for these two clauses, according to which there has been no amendment to the tariffs compared to 1401.

Rahmani explained that the tariffs are the same as those of 1401, and he said: The 12 consumption levels that were set in five regions increased from 75 to 100 cubic meters, and according to the meetings we held with representatives of the Energy Authority and. Based on the consumption of previous years, which occurred in 1400 and 1401. This is explained.

The Director of Coordination and Gas Supply Affairs of the National Iranian Gas Company stated that 75% of the consumption was investigated in the first three levels and after that the pattern of medium consumption, high consumption and very high consumption was determined and accordingly 75. Consumption levels increased from 75 to 100 cubic meters .

According to him, from the beginning of 1402, the consumption level will be 12 100 cubic meters, but the tariffs have not changed and will be applied like the previous year. There is no change in the expenses for the first three stairs, but for the other stairs the same amounts of 1401 will be charged, and we are facing changes in the eleventh and twelfth stairs, which carry a lot of expenses.

He stated that in Climate 1 for example, the amount of consumption is 1,300 cubic meters, which is equivalent to 6,000 tomans from now on, and it is necessary for home subscribers to manage their consumption in an endless way. In steps 11 and 12. 5,000 tomans per cubic meter in step 11 in different climates and 6,000 tomans in step 12 onwards, that is, 6,000 tomans per cubic meter, which is a big jump compared to the previous steps.

The Director of Coordination and Gas Supply Affairs at the National Iran Gas Company stated that last year it was the same amount, but due to the severe cold, the government issued a decree according to which a 70% discount was applied to subscribers, which is no longer applied and this tariff is related to it belonging to the cold season, Which will be considered from November 16th to April 31st.

Al-Rahmani stated that last year, 69% of consumers were in the first three steps, and this shows that people have good cooperation with the gas industry, and that only 1% of subscribers were in stages 11 and 12 and beyond, that is, 6%. From depreciation and given that these tariffs will be applied this year, the amount of expenses is expected to decrease.

According to him, 61 billion cubic meters were consumed in the domestic sector last year, of which 42 billion cubic meters were in the cold season, and one percent of subscribers consumed six percent of these 42 billion cubic meters.

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