Billion dollar fraud by a woman selling clothes to 500 people!

Aftab news:

A young woman who was working in a clothing store was arrested and managed to deceive a number of citizens with various tricks and defraud them under the pretext of investing in the same job and obtaining huge profits.

This woman was able to obtain 60 billion tomans from the people by promising to pay dividends, sometimes up to 80% annually, but she was arrested before leaving the country.

Muhammad Samadi, the public prosecutor in Takestan, told reporters about this case: After receiving numerous reports of fraud of a young woman, he started the police technical investigation in this area, and finally it was found that this lady works in clothes. By promising to invest and pay attractive dividends, he was able to obtain a great deal of people’s capital, which fortunately was arrested before leaving the country.

According to Samadi, this defendant, who is currently in prison, defrauded more than 60 billion tomans from about 500 people.

Greed and the temptation to get 5-7% interest per month (60-84% annually), which is more than 4 times the legal interest paid by banks in the country, made the losers donate their capital to this woman.

Some of the tricks that scammers do in deceiving people are very old and repeated, and the media, police and judicial authorities have warned people about these scams many times, but still some people are fooled by these scammers in the hope of getting huge and sometimes strange profits. They destroy their life capital.

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