installation of new cameras in the trunk of the highways; ‘Breaching is not a smart game’

The deputy chief of the Greater Tehran Traffic Police announced the installation of new cameras to deal with vehicle violations at the highway exit.

According to the informants, During rush hour, some highways experience more traffic than other parts of the road, so it is necessary to follow the traffic rules on the same exit line to exit the highway and onto the next lane. . However, some drivers, regardless of the need to notice the problem, try to change lanes from the third and fourth lanes, which causes traffic jams along the entire lane and violates the rights of other legal drivers, including the possibility of an accident. In addition to increases. Sometimes on deserted roads, some drivers change direction towards motorway exits, increasing the possibility of an accident. in the same direction Colonel Seyed Abolfazl Mousavipour – Deputy Chief of Traffic Police in Greater Tehran – It has announced the installation of new cameras to deal with this breach.

Musavipur in conversation with informants Regarding the installation of these cameras, which are also known as short cameras, he said: “In this regard, the Tehran Municipality has coordinated with the Deputy Minister of Transport and Traffic, and accordingly, several cameras will be installed.” Highways the next day.

He said, “Where were these cameras installed? We have studied this subject and decided to install these cameras in the first stage in places where traffic increases in the morning and afternoon, and the percentage of congestion is much greater.” These areas have been identified and cameras will be installed in the near future.

“It is clear that the actions of some drivers on the highway violate the rights of disciplined and legal drivers,” said the deputy chief of the Greater Tehran Traffic Police. The third and fourth line. It is illegal and very dangerous.

Ultimately, Musavipour said, “These drivers are being fined with these cameras, but with cameras the Rahore police officers can also be fined for such violations.”

According to investigators’ reports, the fine for this violation is 52,000 tomans for each violation that the offending driver must pay.

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