A proposal to prepare a fair and comprehensive tax document

The Secretary of the Government Financial Headquarters suggested preparing a comprehensive fair tax document and said: This document must be approved by the Government Financial Headquarters.

According to informants, Mohsen Rezaei, in a meeting he held with the Tax Authority, explained that one of the tasks of the thirteenth government is to bring about major and bold changes in the country, and emphasized: With such changes, the country’s economic progress is possible. is accelerated. We cannot close the progress gap with other countries through anti-risk measures. One of these developments is the problem of the country’s tax system.

He explained that the collection of taxes is for several important purposes: the first goal is to serve people in various sectors, including security, health, education, etc. The government provides public services to the people through taxes. Therefore, changes in the tax system lead to changes in the provision of services.

He added: Another goal of provincial taxes is to establish justice and prevent rents and corruption. For example, the dollar and gold leasing market has absorbed a large part of the liquidity. This process must be stopped, but government power cannot be used continuously for this problem, but economic tools such as taxation must be used.

The secretary of the economic cadre of the government added: Another goal of taxes is to prevent environmental destruction and prevent budget deficit and inflation.

Emphasizing that good steps have been taken in the field of taxation, Rezaei said: It must continue: In 1400, the tax rate was reduced by five percent, but the number of taxpayers faced an increase of one million. We must slowly move toward increasing taxpayers and lowering tax rates.

The government rewards good tax accounts

He stressed the importance of tolerance and encouraging good people, and said: Good people should be encouraged and bad people punished. This has many advantages. The tax rate for good accounts should be lowered and the IRS should consider rewarding good accounts.

And the secretary of the economic headquarters of the government continued: the country needs to arrange entrepreneurs. If this happens, some entrepreneurs will not need to provide guarantees to banks. The tax efficiency index can be a score for the ranking.

The lower classes should be exempt from taxation

Rezaei continued: With regard to taxes, there may be several million people from the lower classes of society whose taxes are exempted and satisfaction is achieved.

Emphasizing faith in entrepreneurs, he said: We have to trust entrepreneurs and Modi’s statement is the standard.

The Secretary of the Government’s Financial Staff stated that the tax should be collected on time: if the tax is collected after two years, it may lose its real value.

Rezaei suggested: The Tax Affairs Authority should prepare a comprehensive and fair tax document and get it approved by the financial headquarters of the government.

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