Another failure in Iran’s record due to the mistakes of the players and the coaching staff

The second week of the Volleyball Nations League

In its last match in the second week of the Volleyball Nations League, the Iranian national volleyball team lost to hosts Netherlands.

The sports correspondent of the Anna News Agency for Science and Technology reported that the Iranian national volleyball team faced the host Netherlands in its last match in the second week of the Volleyball Nations League championship this evening (Saturday), and in the end it lost 3-2 in one match. Tough game.

Our country’s national team in white and red faced the free Dutch team in orange.

* Preliminary formation of the Iranian national team:

Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi, Mohammad Valizadeh, Amir Hossein Esfandiar, Poria Hossein Khanzadeh, Mohammad Tahir Wadi, Amin Ismailnejad and Mohammad Reza Hadratpour

The initial composition of the Dutch national team:

Nimir Abdelaziz, Benny Tuenstra, Martin van Garderen, Fabian Black, Michael Parkinson, Robert Andringa, Wesel Kamink.

* The first group

The first point is obtained for Iran. Subsequently, the Netherlands tied the match. Iran scored the second, third, fourth and fifth points, respectively, until Piazza asked for a break after Iran’s fifth point. Seyed Mohammad Mousavi gave Iran the sixth point with his excellent defense. His two consecutive points made the score 12-5 in favor of Behrouz Atay’s students. With the score 14: 6, the Dutch coach requested a time-out to stop the Iranian scoring process. With the continued defense on the net and the good performance of the Iranian players, this difference has increased. On the other hand, the Netherlands could not make up the late points until Iran won the match with a score of 25-16.

* the second group:

And the Dutch national team, which went to the field to compensate for the loss of the first set, made some mistakes from the very beginning and tried to take advantage of Iran’s mistakes until Atay had to take a break with a score of 11: 9. After that, Iran reached the tenth point, although the scoring engine was turned on Once again, Atay asked for a second time-out with a score of 14:10. Continuing Iran’s increasing mistakes in reception and defense, it caused a difference of 10 points, and finally the host won this group with a score of 25-16.

The third group:

Nimr Abdulaziz was able to score the first point for the Netherlands, but Valizadeh quickly equalized. In the next, the conditions changed in favor of Iran, and the bad waterfall of the Dutch players came out without hitting anyone, and the result was 9-6 in favor of Iran, then the waterfall of Abdul Aziz came out with a large margin to reach. Four points. Imtiaz Ismail Nejad scored 13-6. With the score 15-6 in favor of Iran, Piazza had to call a time-out. After the two teams entered the field and scored four consecutive points for the Netherlands, this led to Atay asking for a timeout to prevent the points difference from diminishing. Of course, this tactic did not work well, and the mistakes of the Iranian players led the Netherlands to point 11. Then, with the reduction of points, the conditions of the match were more sensitive until the score was 16:14 in favor of Iran, and Ismail Nejad brought Iran to point 17. Then, with a score of 19-17 In favor of Iran, the Dutch players managed to stop the scoring process of the Iranian players and tied the match. The match continued between the two teams until Atay students managed to end this match with a score of 25-21 due to the opposing team’s mistakes.

Fourth group:

The first point went to Iran due to a mistake by two Dutch players. Abdulaziz made Holland five-to-four with two good serves. After that, Abdulaziz again led his team to 6 points until Atay took a time-out. The Netherlands scored two straight points to take a 9-5 lead. After that, the Netherlands managed to lead 14-8, and after seeing this problem, Atay took a time-out. However, the point difference between the two teams was maintained so that in a 17-12 defeat to the Netherlands, Abdulaziz scored the 18th point for them. Iran’s poor performance further led the Dutch to win this set 25-17, dragging the action into the fifth game.

Fifth group:

In this group, the Iranian players started to work better and outperformed the Iranian opponent, but this process was not very long and the Dutch managed to reach Iran’s points with a score of 7-5, until Atay asked for a timeout. To stop the scoring process for the Dutch. It prevented an increase in the points difference, but after the two teams entered Isfandiar Square, they defended themselves to reduce the difference to 3 points. Of course, Muhammad Mousavi scored the sixth point for Iran in the speed of work, after which the strong waterfall of the Dutch player came out to reduce the difference of 3 points to one point. Then, due to the mistakes of the Iranian players behind the defense line, the Dutch players were able to lead 10-7. Two points in a row, Valizadeh and Sharifi again narrowed the deficit to one point. Shalal Nimr was accompanied by a good defense of the Iranian players, after which Al-Wadi gave the ball to Al-Sharifi and scored 10 points for Iran to tie the match. Individual mistakes of Iranian players, including Sharifi and Ismail Nejad, brought 13 points to the Dutch, so that it would be difficult for Atay’s students to make up points. In the end, the Dutch players were able to win this match with a score of 15:10 and finish the match with their victory.

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