Emergencies chief focus on the importance of dealing with cyber threats

The head of the country’s emergency organization stressed the need to deal with cyber threats in the health sector, and at the same time said: The number of cyber attacks in the health sector is low.

According to the informants, Zafar Mayadfar expressed his condolences for the martyrdom of his compatriots in the Shahchirag incident and said: Our country is in a critical situation. And because it has many land routes from north and south to open waters and from east and west, and is in fact a point of contact from different directions, that is why enemies look at it to threaten this safety. and consistency

The head of the Passive Defense Committee of the Ministry of Health continued: Our country is vulnerable to natural and man-made threats, and if we want to talk about natural disasters, we do not have any green or blue points on the map. Iran and all parts of the country are prone to earthquakes and this holy land shakes several times every year.

He said: For floods and fires, the world and our country are in danger due to environmental and climatic changes, and this has harmed us. At the same time, the problem of water, dust, etc. is perhaps the biggest threat to the future, which may threaten the country.

Mayadfar continued: Man-made impacts, including biological, cyber, chemical and nuclear threats, could threaten the country. For nearly two years, the whole world has been involved in the Corona epidemic and infected all parts of our country. Of course, the efforts of our scholars overcame this crisis. At one point, we had more than 700 corona deaths per day, and no country gave us a vaccine, and after a while, the world gave us a vaccine to maintain the vaccine market. Fortunately, with the help of Bhorzan, we have overcome this problem and now we are approaching zero deaths due to Corona, and our numbers are very low compared to European countries.

Pointing to the need to take into account the active industries in the country, he said: We have witnessed several chemical accidents in the past two or three months, and the rapid and accurate response of the health system prevented deaths in the region. “

The ability to launch electronic attacks on electronic files and send them immediately

Madavar stressed the importance of dealing with cyber threats, and said: The Internet is one of the most dangerous cases that can attack important elements such as electronic files and emergency messages. While fortunately we have had fewer cyberattacks in the healthcare sector, we have seen problems in other sectors. In the field of radiological threats, we are on the brink of two wars between Ukraine and Russia and the Karabakh war, and they have nuclear issues that we need to know how prepared we are to deal with if a problem arises. We must know the arrangements made to deal with God’s disturbance.

Some old hospitals need renovation

He stressed: The health sector is one of the sensitive and important sectors, and the continuity of health services and medical emergencies is important because in any accident, if health services stop, deaths will increase. In terms of infrastructure, we have many problems and in terms of hospital safety, we have many challenges, some old hospitals are being renovated, while some hospitals need to be renovated.

The head of the country’s emergency organization added: For the young population, according to Article 65 of the law, the Ministry of Health and the Defense Authority must work to increase the population in order to succeed at this stage. Well, this issue is very important and one of the concerns of the Supreme Leader. 10,000 people of the population are aging and aging will rise to 30% in the next 20 years and it is important to maintain this population. Statistics show poor population growth and appropriate measures should be taken.

Referring to the issue of gatherings, he said: The great march of the Islamic world in the forty days is the most important of these gatherings. With the efforts of the Ministry of Health to support the pilgrims, this year more than 3.5 million people from Iran participated in the procession, and Iraq hosted more than 21 million people. This is the largest gathering of Shiites in the world, and other religions also participate in this procession. We had a serious heat problem this year, but the Urban Parade was held successfully.

The head of the country’s emergency organization said: The creation of a special unit for passive protection in health is on the agenda. During the Corona era, we were mostly active in the field of biology, but our first request was to set up a private working group. It is also important to keep an eye on new and classic threats.

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