1300cc motorcycle seized west of Tehran

The supervisor of the second base of the Prevention Police in Greater Tehran announced the seizure of a 1,300 cc motorcycle.

According to the informants, Colonel Abdolreza Mohammadi, In this regard, he said: The Kane Police Station Operations Team was patrolling the police station area when an unlicensed two-wheeled vehicle was making strange noises and causing problems for citizens.

He stated that the officers investigated and took measures after informing them of the inconvenience of the citizens for this reason, and said: “The two-wheeled rider at high speed, upon seeing the officers, tried to disrupt the normal arrangement of the axles with movement and noise.” Thanks to the strength and speed of police action, his fleeing motorcycle was stopped on a street and the passenger was arrested.

According to the police news site, the head of the second base of the Tehran Prevention Police continued: In the initial investigation, it was found that the 1300cc motorcycle was smuggled and the rider was unable to provide any legal license for the motorcycle. It was moved to the parking lot and experts estimated the value of the discovered goods at 7 billion riyals.

Colonel Mohammadi pointed out: With the confiscation of the mentioned motorcycle, many businessmen and citizens expressed their thanks and appreciation for the presence and work of the police, who brought the violator of the peace and order of the neighborhood and the accused to justice. authorities. Power

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