Radan: The police plan for Nowruz will start earlier this year

The watch leader announced the early implementation of the new year’s road police plan.

According to the informants, Sardar Ahmad Reza Radan said in a nationwide highway police exercise, which was held this morning in the city of Timuk, that the highway police are among the most interactive and communicative departments with the people.

He stated that next year there will be more traffic policemen serving people than this year, and said: Serving people is the police’s highest investment.

He added: More than 90% of traffic police contacts are law-abiding people and only 10% are those who violate public discipline.

Pointing out that the traffic police should deal with 10% of the violators in the country, Radan said: The traffic police is trying to respect the law.

Referring to the Nowruz plan for the Rahour police, Commander Faraga said: The days of Nowruz are coming and we expect an increase in flights starting from mid-March, so we are preparing for the Nowruz plan before every year.

He said: the traffic police should be smart about it.

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