148 athletes from Sepahan made it to the national team

Informants / Isfahan The CEO of Sepahan FC announced the inclusion of 148 Sepahan players into the national team last season and said: The main objective of Sepahan FC is to raise the name of Isfahan.

Mohammad Reza Saket today (Tuesday, August 4th) at the Cepahan Sports Team Presentation Ceremony in downtown Isfahan, in the presence of the board member and new foreign volleyball coach, and other coaches and athletes. . He said about this club: Sepahan Club is a sports club. It works to find, develop and enhance talents in different categories of men and women in line with the social mission.

He pointed out that 2,400 athletes from the field of clubs are active in 93 teams, of whom 91 athletes and 57 players have reached the national team.

Saket emphasized: Of course, this figure does not include academy football sports and steelworkers.

According to the informants, the CEO of Sepahan Club announced the main goal of the club based on the strategy of the national model of professional club ownership and participation in national and Asian competitions.

Saket explained: The main goal of Sepahan Club is to promote the name of Isfahan in Iran and the world. We try to provide a suitable environment for the growth of sports.

He continued: In this regard, Sepahan Handball won the Asian Quota in the women’s and men’s categories.

At this ceremony, the club’s selected players were honored and the official introduction to the technical, administrative and executive staff of the Sepahan sports teams.

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