Best auto repair in Tehran Imdad Rostami

Providing the best car assistance service in Tehran

Perhaps it happened to you that your car broke down while driving and you are looking for the nearest car repair service in your place.In this article, we intend to provide the best car repair service in Tehran.

Best auto repair in Tehran Imdad Rostami

Because of the worn-out fabric of the streets and highways in the Tehran region, cars are vulnerable and your vehicle may have technical defects. For this reason, we all ask for help in the car in times of need.

Auto Repair Rostami with more than ten years of experience in the field of auto repair and technical services for cars in Tehran is one of the best auto repairers in Tehran.

When do we need car assistance?

In general, whenever your car breaks down and has a technical defect, it is necessary to seek help from an auto repair shop. The most important times when you need car assistance:

  • When there is a problem with the performance of the car
  • The car does not start, electrical problems in the car
  • Car gasoline shortage
  • In accidents and car accidents
  • Car stumbles on roads and lanes in cold seasons
  • When the car is punctured
  • Transporting luxury cars and exhibitions

Saving a car east of Tehran

Also, in addition to the car rescue in Tehran, due to our active presence in the eastern region of Tehran, we have been able to be one of the fastest car rescuers in the east of Tehran.

Imdad Khodro east of Tehran - Imdad Khodro Rostami

The supply of Khodro East The supply of Khodro Rostami includes the following areas:

  1. Supply Khodro Tehranpars
  2. Imam Ali Expressway car rescue
  3. Narmak Automobile Assistance in Tehran
  4. Nizamabad car rescue
  5. Damavand Street car rescue
  6. Persian fisherman’s car rescue
  7. Saving a car
  8. We provide assistance to other areas of Tehran, and for more information and instructions visit the Emdad Khodro Rostami website.

Auto Rescue Services in East Tehran, Imdad Rostami

One of the advantages of salvage car is that it provides all services related to salvage. Emdad Khodro Rostami is developing its services by trying to improve the quality and service of Houari, our services are as follows:

  • Send the truck to eastern Tehran immediately
  • Repair of mobile holes in eastern Tehran
  • Reduce battery charge on site
  • Dispatching a moving mechanic in eastern Tehran
  • Mobile refueling in Tehran
  • Also, all auto mechanic services are accepted

Good car salvage characteristics

One of the advantages of a good vehicle assistance is the quality of service so that the vehicle is transported without any damage.

The rescuer is required to equip the equipment at the request of the customer and update the rescue equipment.

Aid prices must also be transparent and fair. And transporting your car to a reliable repair shop, which is one of the advantages of Rostami Supply, being equipped with repair shops.

And that all rescue services take place around the clock and in the shortest possible time.

Best tow truck in east Tehran - Imdad Rostami

Benefits of using Rostami Car Assistance

  • Urgent dispatch of emergency aid from eastern Tehran to your place
  • 24-hour service around the clock
  • He has a mobile mechanic in eastern Tehran
  • Equipped with a repair workshop and special discounts on technical services for cars – Imdad Khodro east of Tehran with Imdad Rostami

Save costs with Rostami car assistance

Due to our establishment and active presence in the eastern district of Tehran, we can reach your place as soon as possible, all costs are fair and discounts are included for site users.

Also, for car repair, all costs are included in accordance with the union tariff. And if you use a tow truck, you will get a special discount.

Cars covered by supply rostami

All domestic and foreign cars are included in our services. In the field of assistance, your car will be transported with the highest quality, repairs and troubleshooting will be carried out with the utmost sensitivity and accuracy.

How to request car assistance

You can get a free guide by contacting us first, and then we will provide services as per your request. You can also send us your location on WhatsApp for easy access.

Contact phone: 09122046270 Rostami 77591761

The last word

We explained about helping and providing the best auto assistance in East Tehran. To find out more information and other services we offer, visit Emdad Khodro Rostami’s website.

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