The discovery of 155 kilograms of opium from a load of potatoes in Tarbar Square

The head of the Anti-Narcotics Police in Greater Tehran announced the discovery of 155 kilograms of drugs that entered the central fruit and vegetable yard in Tehran under the guise of a shipment of potatoes.

According to the informants, Explaining the details of this news, Colonel Zargham Azin explained that anti-drug police officers had discovered some time ago that two drug smugglers were planning to buy some drugs from the southern provinces of the country and transport them to Tehran with an underground truck. Potato Star

He stated that a team of anti-narcotics police officers in Greater Tehran began work to identify and arrest the accused, and said: In this investigation, it was found that the news is true and that the accused are planning to unload the cargo. Potatoes in the middle of the fruit and Tarbar square. In this regard, the anti-narcotics police officers in Greater Tehran began to control the passing cars, and after some time, they noticed the defendants’ car on one of the transportation roads leading to the city of Tehran and started chasing the said car.

Azin mentioned that the defendant’s car was finally stopped in the center of Tehran Fruits and Tribar Square, and he said: After the car stopped in Fruit Square and Tribar Square, the officers were able to arrest the accused while it was unloading and transported them to the police headquarters. Their car was also searched, during which 155 kilograms of opium, skillfully crammed into the load of potatoes, was discovered and seized.

According to the head of the anti-narcotics police in Greater Tehran, after completing the case and recording the confession of the accused, both persons were presented to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for judicial procedures.

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