Foresters and Ecologists are the Biosecurity Police / Martyr Pervi must be recognized

The Informers / Gilan The Director General of the Office of Education and Promotion of the Natural Resources Organization regretted not declaring the deaths of more than 140 people in the field of natural resources and the environment as “martyrs”, saying: Forest and environment experts are the biosecurity police.

Mr. Youssef Moradi, today, at the commemoration ceremony for environmentalists and foresters Gilani, which was held on the occasion of the eighteenth anniversary of the martyrdom of the martyr “Nasir Berivo”, the martyr of combating economic corruption, in the conference room of the Council of Ministers. The General Directorate of Environmental Protection of Gilan Province, in memory of his father, his environmental expert spoke, and said: Last year, my father was introduced as the only environmental martyr in the country during the sacred defense period, which was too late, so the martyrs of the followers should honor Before it’s too late.

Referring to his father’s presence on the front against the Zionist regime in Lebanon in the 1960s, he added: According to the comrades of my martyr father, he was sensitive about dumping Israeli waste in the Baalbek region, and even raised this issue through the international media. environmental organizations. And life followed.

Pointing out that the martyrs of Moradi and the martyrs of Berov do not need to be honored, the Director General of the Office of Education, Promotion and People’s Partnership of the State Natural Resources and Watershed Management Organization said, “The blessings of wildlife have bestowed martyrdom on the martyrs of the environment and natural resources.”

Moradi considered the commemoration of the Anfal martyrs and the environment a form of gratitude to foresters and environmentalists, and stated: Foresters and the environment are the companions of the Barfi martyrs, and we will never forget their sacrifices.

He stated that, according to the Qur’anic verse, the martyrs are alive and receive sustenance from God, pointing out that commemorating the martyrs preserves our national security, and a monument must be built for the martyrs who followed them, because these. Martyrs who sacrificed their lives and endangered the environment and natural resources that are the capital of the country.

The Director General of the Office of Education, Promotion and Popular Participation in the Natural Resources Organization expressed his regret at not declaring the killing of more than 140 people in the field of natural resources and the environment as “martyrs”, and said: Foresters and environmentalists are biological security. The police and from the future they protect, so we must motivate them and appreciate their work.

He stressed the need to introduce and promote the martyrs of Anfal, and added: We will hold the festival of the martyr Birivi in ​​the Hyrkani region, and soon a memorial to this martyr will be erected at the place of his martyrdom. We are also working to end the case of Rashid Al-Ghafari, the martyr of Gilani Anfal, after two decades.

According to the informants, this ceremony was held by the Jihad Academic Organization in Gilan Province and in cooperation with the Provincial General Departments of Natural Resources, Watershed Department and Environmental Protection and Gilan Technical District.

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