A middle-aged man forces 20 women onto the street

The head of the Greater Tehran Prevention Police announced the arrest of a person who tried to coerce the women after threatening them with a cold weapon.

According to the informants, Explaining the details of this news, Colonel Mohammad Moazami Kudarzi said: At around 10:00 pm yesterday, members of Abbasabad 104 Police Station were patrolling the Shariati Street area in Tehran when they saw a middle-aged man robbing people passing by in the park on the street. He was suspected and his behavior was placed under special police supervision.

He continued: In the meantime, the accused suddenly attacked a middle-aged woman, threatened her by force with a necklace, and quickly fled from the scene. In this regard, the precautionary measures were put on the agenda by the police officers, and by implementing the containment plan and announcing the details of the accused to other police patrols, and finally, after a period of chasing, they arrested this person and took him to the police headquarters.

The head of the Greater Tehran Prevention Police stated that this person was searched at the police headquarters and said: During the search of this person, the officers discovered and confiscated a cold weapon and a necklace that the accused had stolen before his arrest. The 50-year-old accused was also interrogated and confessed to his crime and 20 similar thefts from women.

Moazami Godarzi explained that so far 14 of the victims, most of whom were elderly and middle-aged women, went to the police station and identified the accused, and said: The accused is one of the people with a history of theft, and he was previously sent to prison on charges of theft.

He indicated that police investigations to identify and arrest the owner of the stolen property are still ongoing, and stated that a case has been filed against the arrested suspect and this person will be referred to court after completing the investigation and identifying the other missing persons. .

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