Tehran has accumulated problems, but there is no dead end / linking the stations of the 6th metro line in the next two months

According to a clear report, Alireza Zakani stated at the conference on the decline of America held at the University of Shahid Rajaei Tarbiyah: We are talking about a country called a superpower, but we do not want to guess whether the title of superpower is still applied today. And we want to base our argument on this.

He said: November 22 passed, people from all over the country showed a unique march from Tehran to other parts of the country, and I would like to thank the Supreme Leader of the Rashid Nation and the students who created this epic system. I try to argue based on the logical past that America is collapsing and today is knocking on the door and the wall and we have come to us and we have to understand at what historical point we are standing.

Zakani said: Many thinkers in the world believe that America is in retreat and no longer controls the global system, suffers from social and economic problems and has a budget deficit of 2,800 billion dollars. With their soft power, their pronouncements no longer create love in the world. For six reasons, I believe that America is rapidly declining and transforming from a global power to a regional power and cannot stand on its own two feet in its region.

Zakani added: America has spread like a cancer all over the world so that it can earn a living and be at the top in terms of science and technology, and rule and use its military power in the field of need, but it is not like. which – which. . Next is his greatness and superiority. This happened with the beginning of the Islamic Revolution. His attempt in 1957 to prevent the victory of the revolution and his 43-year attempt to confront the revolution also failed, and he harmed us with the imposed war and economic war, but he failed.

Zakani states: In 1370, Father Bush proclaimed the doctrine of the New World Order, and three months later, the Soviet Union collapsed. Holding every breath in the chest so that the Soviet Union could no longer stand against America, Bush raised the issue of the Greater Middle East in 1380 after the twin towers incident and attacked and proposed Afghanistan and Iraq. A plan to divide Saudi Arabia but they failed again Do something

He continued: In 1985, the United States attacked Lebanon with the Zionist regime, and Rice raised a new problem in the Middle East and announced his intention that Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran would become Americans, but he failed again. He was in Syria in 2009 to set the whole area on fire, he had a scene and announced that they fixed ISIS, but they couldn’t do anything with ISIS.

As you can see, the mayor of Tehran said that America has not been able to impose its hegemony on its surroundings in the past 43 years. He said: In the document of the United States of America for the year 2022, which was published a few days ago, it was announced that we are with three countries. First, our opponent is China, second, Russia, our threat, and third, Iran, which presents an alternative theory to the new order and is our alternative.

Zakani explained by saying to those who will rule in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen: In Lebanon, Hezbollah represents the ideology of the Islamic revolution, and Israel represents the ideology of global hegemony, but who was able to impose their will?

He continued: The first point is that America failed to discuss will and sovereignty. The second point is that perhaps a person who does not have this super ability can have common sense and lofty thoughts that attract the attention of the world. All the traits that made America lead the world for decades have disappeared within themselves today, no one in the world cares about them, and they are unlikely to continue and be fascinated by them.

The third reason, continued the mayor of Tehran: Any country can boast a pinnacle in the world and make all eyes stare at it, so everyone says it’s our model – Karl Popper once presented America as heaven, and this is the example of his theory. Kurdish – But today this country is full of contradictions. He cannot lead by example and he has created accumulated hatred and in practice he cannot lead by example.

He stated another reason for the downfall of America as follows: a state can be presented as a savior and reassurance to those who depend on it, but there is no experience that shows the impossibility of relying on America. In 2004 America ensured that the security of Libya was with us, but what is the situation in Libya today? On the other hand, when Syria lost most of its territory, it became dependent on Iran, and you can see the situation in Syria today. Lebanon and Iraq are counting on the Islamic revolution and they say we will be with you until the end, and this issue creates instability among the people who are dependent on America.

Zakani added: Perhaps America is creating an effective link and an effective dependency, for example, the dollar has played a role in the world since 1948 and has dominated the economic life of the world, and America has benefited from this issue, but today this problem has also arisen. disappear. Today, this effective dependence does not exist.

In his explanation of the sixth point, the mayor of Tehran said: America was able to impose itself and become a force majeure and gain stability, but today it has lost its imposition. Today, in three years, only 40% of Americans trust the US military, and 60% conclude that they do not. According to a recent poll conducted by an American organization, only 25% of Americans trust their government and country.

He said that the United States is in a death spiral and cannot protect its allies, and no one believes it: it is important for us to know where we are in history. Today, they have come to the conclusion that Iran is the main pivot to confront their success and domination of the world, because it has ideas and supporters in the region and the world. America knows that Iran has reached a point where it will disturb all the maps of the world.

America seeks to destroy Iran

Zakani stated that America is looking for nothing for Iran and is looking for Iran’s destruction. So the first point is that Iran targeted its own extinction in order to negate this alternative idea. They are vehemently opposed to Iran and seek the ethnic division and division of Iran, but our relatives are the colorful flowers that complement our garden and that is our strength. America is divided between Shiites and Sunnis, but we live with all religions.

Most of the problems are caused by inefficiency

The mayor of Tehran stated that if the United States cannot divide Iran, it will try to make Iran backward and unable to progress, saying: If they cannot do that, at least they will not let people taste it. Services, harassment and financial harassment. So if there is a plan to lift the siege and open the economy, they will not allow it. Of course, most problems are caused by inefficiencies and limitations have little contribution to it, and it takes time to correct the shortcomings and problems we have inherited.

He said: This is the enemy’s plan and desire to engage Iran in a civil war. This puzzle scheme of his was of great importance, and it would have been excellent and effective if he could have done it, which he certainly couldn’t. In 1367, protests were of a political nature, in 1375 and 1377 they were of a living nature, and in 1401, they became a social protest, behind which must be living, economic and political relations. This protest did not work and did not work in order to set people against each other. Today our hands are strong and the future of the country is promising.

Referring to the accumulation of problems in the city of Tehran, but no end in sight, Jagani noted: In this year, two months and six days we accepted the legacy, we tried to build on the good things that happened before this he-she. Do good deeds and learn from their bad ones.

We did not sell a single centimeter of density to finance the budget and did not take a wrong step.

And the mayor of Tehran added: At the beginning of the work we removed the municipality from financial pressures and as a result of the past six months we realized 99% of our cash and non-cash budget, and this year it is 30 – more than 40% of the budget considered to provide a budget We did not sell density cents and did not err because There are gems and jewels in the city and you can design a win-win game and this problem can spread all over the country as we sleep in a sea of ​​possibilities. .

We converted 1,200 accounts into one account and managed our resources and reminded us: Today, all major projects are active in Tehran after several years, and from August to February 21, we open a citywide project every Saturday, beginning or end. We are open every day from February 12th until the end of the year. A few days ago, we signed a contract worth 40 thousand billion tomans.

Zakani pointed out: We need jihad and you can remove this flag very well. He said: We need the jihad of interpretation, the jihad of dedicated service, the jihad of progress and the creation of respect, mercy and unity. The enemy’s focus must be on creating division between us and our focus must be on unity.

We have to accept that we don’t have the upper hand in the media war

In continuation of this special program, the mayor of Tehran answered the questions of some students and said about the necessity of reporting the actions: We do not have the upper hand in the media war and we have to accept it in the municipality. By June, there was nothing to be said and we had just worked. Then we announced that we would talk about our achievements. So, we bring up issues and voice them every Saturday and we think it’s really possible to work.

In response to a question about the municipality’s role in providing housing, he said: To provide housing, we announced that we will build 180,000 housing units annually and sell rental homes and housing with the municipality’s share. In terms of counters, we continue to build settlements in Zone 4, Zone 18, 19 and many others, and in the future, Zone 18 and 19 will not be like today, and new settlements will be built there, which will make the people proud. Of course this effect will continue for another year and a half, and it will obviously produce housing.

6 metro stations will be connected within two months

And according to the city’s website announcement, on the subject of the metro, the priority is to complete 7 active lines and we are trying to connect Line 6 stations and they will be connected within two months. Among them, they need major repairs, of course, major repairs of 700 wagons are on the agenda.

The mayor of Tehran added: 630 vehicles are being supplied for import from China, and they will be imported and put into operation within a year and a half. We are trying to supply 420 wagons from the inside. Of course, the completion of the Tehran metro requires a loan of 300 thousand billion tomans.

Regarding the preparation of the intersection stations between Lines 2 and 3, he also said: In this regard, we follow all the lines that can be connected because this connection creates a benefit and is one of our serious priorities.

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