All available facilities and energy have been used to solve the drinking water problem in Charmahal and Bakhtiari

I will follow you Jafari The Minister of Energy was sent to the province to deal with the drinking water problem in the Charmahal and Bakhtiari regions, along with a group of journalists from this ministry, describing the disturbance of the Kohrang spring as a rare phenomenon. He added: Due to the emergence of this problem, most of the drinking water was cut off from the city, but the crisis management headquarters was established immediately with effective executive bodies to solve this problem through cooperation and synergy.

He continued, “City Card needs 600 liters per second, which has been provided so far, 400 liters per second, and it is hoped that another part of this shortage will be compensated by adding agricultural, municipal, airport and industrial wells.”

“If people save their money today, they will prevent the water shortage in the city and try to fill the tanks at night because there is no serious problem in this area,” said the CEO of the Water and Sanitation Company.

Solve the drinking water problem in less time

The governor of Sharmhal and Bakhtiari announced the efforts made to solve the drinking water problem in Shahr-e Qard in a short period and said: About 60% of Shahr-e Kord water is supplied from the Kohrang spring transmission line, but due to the recent rains. And the unprecedented emergence of spring mud, this possibility is not possible and we are facing the problem of water supply.

Gholam Ali Haidari He added: In this regard, the Minister of Energy was contacted immediately, after which he sent his deputy to the governorate with a team, and we tried to solve the problem by forming a crisis management headquarters. Materials and methods.

He explained: Teams were sent from neighboring governorates to complete it, and we mobilized all forces and facilities to solve the problem of popular drinking water in a short period.

Governor Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari are visiting the ongoing projects in the department, and they hoped to solve this problem as soon as possible.

It should be noted that due to heavy rains in Charmahal and Bakhtiari, the water of Kohrang spring, one of the most important springs of Gol Elud district, has been removed from the water supply circuit. This problem has caused water tension in seven cities and 34 villages in the county, and this problem is more acute in Sherkourd, which has a population of 200,000 than in other areas.

Installation of water harvesting equipment from water transfer facility to Kohrang spring, connection of several water tankers to Sharmhal and Bakhtiari facilities and water distribution in districts, preparation of water filling are some of the actions taken by the devices so far to solve them. The problem of drinking water in Shahr-e Kord. The centers and the connection of several wells by the Department of Agriculture, the municipality and the executive authorities.


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