Why did we fundamentalists boycott this statement of the leaders of the revolution?

The last example we face is the definition of a supernatural revolution made by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in his speech in Parliament last week, and we have not seen a leading media person and extremists comment on it. The reason, of course, is clear: if they mean “super-revolutionaries,” they have to accept the consequences.

Everyone knows the story of a person who says: “Whenever there is a burglary on our side, the police come to me.”
Traditional lovers have the same problem and when they find super revolutionary people, they are found in the process!
The expression of leadership in the definition of revolutionary persons is quite manageable and includes those who act like a pot of hot soup and after a while they cut off and go to work. The history of the past 50 years contains many examples of such people and it is not difficult to list them.

Now many members of the same “revolutionary cloud” community live in certain positions of power, and if they lose their power or money in their lifetime. But as long as red is on the way, they stay on the table.
The revolutionary cloud community has an impressive and impressive talent. His behavior is like a thief as he runs after the thief and keeps his index finger in the direction behind him and sees people running after him! In fact, it has the effect of injury.

If you see a “revolutionary cloud” somewhere, the shouts accuse some of being Western, Western, and isolated, because they know it seeks to bring down and wants to cover up its scandalous history. When he points his finger at anyone he thinks is pro-Western, he is often (almost) lying and blaming. In fact, he seeks to eliminate a person or people who know its nature and want to reveal it. Although he is right in rare cases, the appraiser must first doubt the correctness of his promise, unless proven otherwise.

The revolutionaries were not born above the revolution with the Iranian revolution. Their historical roots can be traced back to the Kharijites of Safin and Nahrawan. There, too, Hazrat Mulla was not considered a revolutionary!
The Super Rebels were not destroyed. There are ghosts, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, persecution, a great revolution.

* Published in Etimad Magazine / June 10, 1401

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