Bakhtiari: Provincial Assistance Fund arrears did not reach 1.5%

The head of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, while presenting a report on the performance of the Qarr al-Hasana Relief Fund in the province, said: During the past six years, our arrears did not even reach 1.5 percent. I am sure that if we got to 1.5%, either the person who took the loan died or could not pay the loan, that every year or two we would get permission from the Board of Trustees to go over that percentage or settle it with the help of a benefactor. Let’s count

According to the informants, Seyyed Morteza Bakhtiari said at the third round of the Garzneko National Conference: Why should we have only two banks in the Islamic Republic of Iran? We hope that we will succeed with our comprehensive efforts, especially in the national media, in spreading the good culture of Karz. The issue of Qur’an al-Hasna is explicitly discussed in 6 verses of the Holy Qur’an. General mobilization is necessary for good deeds. In the past, this work was done in homes and mosques and helped people.

He added: On April 15, 2014, the formation of the Relief Committee was approved by the Supreme Leader, and permission was obtained to establish the Karaz Al-Husna Fund for the relief of the province, and permits were obtained through the Central Bank to start work. With a 100 percent loan approach. The remarkable thing about this fund is that it does not and will not provide loans to its employees, and people must know us and trust us in the deposit.

And the head of the Relief Committee confirmed: Since the foundation of the fund until the end of 1401 AH, that is, during the past six years, two million loans were paid from the Qar Al-Hasna loan, at a value of 16 hamats. In the field of housing loans, 161,000 people used this loan at 1,900 billion tomans. The relief committee has a mission to serve the community under its coverage, especially the first to the third deciles. In the field of employment, 195 thousand people obtained employment loans with a total value of 3,700 billion tomans. About cultural activities, which is partly due to students’ tuition fees, 26 thousand people used this facility with 210 billion tomans. In our support aid department, 1,618,000 people have received a loan of 10,190 billion tomans.

Bakhtiari continued: During the past six years, our arrears did not even reach 1.5%. I am sure that if we reach 1.5%, or the person who took the loan dies or is not able to repay the loan, then every year or two we will have permission to attend the Board of Trustees of Al-Qarz-ul-Husna Emdad Vilayet Fund to exceed this percentage or with the help of course our arrears will reach to one percent.

He presented a report on the work of the Karr al-Husna Fund to supply the states last year and said: In the year 1401, 31,419 housing loans were provided in the amount of 532 billion tomans, for employment 31,801 loans in the amount of 891 billion. Tomans for education expenses 6033 people obtained loans in the amount of 70 billion tomans and 271 thousand 384 people in the amount of 3 thousand 130 billion tomans in the support sector. The performance of the Karzul Husna Imdaad Wilayat Fund amounted to loans amounting to 340,637 people in the previous year, amounting to 4,623 billion tomans, most of whom (80%) were in the first three tenths of income. In total, we have 8 million customers in the fund, of which 6,500,000 are active.

According to the informants, in the continuation of the conference, Ali Ashouri, CEO of the Karr al-Hasna Fund Imdad Wilayat, said: The conference will be held in two parts, morning and evening, and simultaneously in 31 governorates. The conference will be held under the slogan “Operational Experience of Karaz Al-Hassana Bank” to play our part in creating a culture of this subject.

He stressed: This conference will have 5 special seminars that will be held in the presence of international professors, and in a way that this conference is considered an international.

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