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According to the electronic news agency Ahmed Reda Brati about how to hold crowd electoral blackboard Football in Tehran Province said: After the resignation of the President of the Republic former Tehran Council, according to the statute as vice president First to the board, in the position of supervisor Busy presidency I’ve got to work and six months I was given a legal opportunity to continue working under the same title, but contrary to the current practice in the country, which often uses various tricks to hold the position with an honorable title for a few months longer than expected. without the time passing Posting an advertisement in the first month in full coordination with the federation Register from volunteers He took the position of chairman of the board and, almost contrary to what the majority of football players expected, I myself was for this position Register I did not.

member board of directors The Football Association confirmed: This is despite the testimony of experts from the highest levels an opportunity I had a chance to succeed in the elections and, by the way, was the majority together Dear members crowd They also stressed and insisted on my candidacy, but that was my personal conclusion with a purpose To avoid raising any doubt and to maintain the complete transparency and integrity of the elections, from this point of view an opportunity I waive my legal right.

member board of directors FA and admin blackboard Football in Tehran Province added: Unfortunately, despite my continuous efforts to hold it crowd And a healthy and fair election, some people bother that for the time being I will restrain myself and not name their pedestrians and pedestrians. They do not allow this path to run infinitely and disrupt it in various ways.

In further explaining these problems, Prati said: For example, by creating an atmosphere and making undocumented accusations against the staff of the football board, they are trying to make the board and crowd outside the normal course. Because of my responsibility, I am warning them not to make an arithmetic error because of Register in the election and an opportunity I have given up the presidency of the Football Council in Tehran Province in order not to succumb to such designs and until the accusations against me as the head of the council are proven by documents and evidence against the personality and reputation of the employees and members of the council. crowd I defend

supervisor blackboard Football in Tehran Province confirmed: I am a lawyer and I learned that the principle is the innocence of individuals and their innocence unless their accusations are proven in the competent judicial authorities and if we are going to attack the reputation of others based on allegations and speculation. It is not engraved in stone. Of course, what this group says and does is not even speculation, but spreading rumors Hello I am meant to know their designer, origin, title and ultimate purpose, and if they continue and I am impatient, I will not be silent.

In conclusion, Barati said about the date of the elections: The Electoral Commission sent the names of qualified candidates for inquiries to the relevant authorities, and we are awaiting a response to the inquiries as soon as the answers are received. , the election will be scheduled and announced, but at the same time, I confirm that in accordance with Article 21, paragraph 6 of the Statutes of the Regional Football Councils, the maximum time for elections to be held crowd elections from history Register It is two months that this time includes the time spent on honesty crowd It is waiting to receive inquiries from the relevant authorities, as time is running out and I hope that the elections will be held as soon as possible.

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