Yahya’s misfortune came before independence Saar Motahari!

Arslan Motahhari broke the lock of the textile gate with ten red-faced North men so that his team could take the lead.

A minute before this goal, Nasagi midfielder Ayoub Kalantari was injured and left the field. His sudden injury caused the substitution card to be delayed by a few seconds for the union representative and the fourth official. It took Mateen Karinzadeh some time to enter the stadium for Nasagi to work with 10 players for about a minute.

It was Nasaji’s misfortune that Esteghlal scored against the protest of Hamid Motahhari, Esteghlal coach, at a moment when he was playing with ten men without substitution (Matin Karinzadeh). The story is that shortly after the first independence goal, Mateen Karimzadeh entered the field in place of Eyup Kalantari.

After the goal, Motahari strongly protested the delay in making the substitution in front of the head of textiles and the representative of the federation, and believed that this substitution should have been made earlier so that his team would not score less than the assists. in the field of

This incident was similar to the return derby last season, and Hamid Motahari worked as an assistant to Yahya Jal Al-Mohamadi. At the time, after he scored the equalizer in the derby, Yahya Gul Mohammadi criticized the referee and organization officials for delaying the switch that led to his suspension. Now Motahari is angry about a repeat of such an incident in the situation who is the head coach of Nasagi.


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