Holding a memorial ceremony for the martyrs of Shaqour neighborhood + film

The village of Dehang hosted the memorial to the village of Shaqour.

According to the Radio and Broadcasting News Agency of the Qazvin Center, Shuqur district includes 18 villages, where 66 martyrs presented their holy defense. Sardar Hosseini Deputy Holding a memorial ceremony for the martyrs of Shaqour neighborhood + filmAnd the deprivation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards while offering condolences for the death of Imam Khomeini said: In 1350, under pressure from the United States and England, the Bahrain archipelago separated from Iran, and they took Kurdistan with the intention of separating, and these lions that I remembered did not let Kurdistan separate from Iran.

Sardar Hosseini added, “The Basij and the martyrs guarded this land on different fronts, and when the war began, Saddam Hussein wanted to take this land and religion from us, and your martyrs and the Basij were present on the fronts and did not leave a single thing from this land.” Despite all the plots of the enemies in the east and west of the world, they were behind a clash and were unable to seize a single part of our land. They did a lot of sedition and could not. Why, brothers and sisters, should we know if this revolution remains?

And he continued: We need to know what is the result of the existence of Wilayat al-Faqih and after Imam Khomeini, Imam Khamenei, had it not been for the competence of management, planning and honesty, the system of the Islamic Republic would have been destroyed. Several times, they targeted the pillar of the revolution, which is leadership. We do not lack opportunities in this country, they targeted the authority of the faqih, but if there was no faqih, this would not be a sign of the Islamic revolution.

And the deputy of the Revolutionary Guard emphasized: “The greats of the world say that this revolution was preserved by that wise old man. If we do not appreciate the leadership and guidance of the jurist, so that future generations do not curse us, just as Imam Hussein was left alone, and history is for us to read and help, the martyrs stood and helped. Let us We know

He explained: “If you see this revolution, you will see us standing on our feet because of these martyrs, and if some people disobey, they lose their blessings, but thanks to the blessing of the jurists and the knowledge of the warriors, we will be the first word in the region. We must remain at the forefront of the truth and today.” Thanks to this blessing, no The enemy dares to dare, and today he looks at our nation with respect. America is half of the military power in the world and we stand before them.

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