Emergency recommendations for the last Wednesday of the year / Ask the police to reduce accidents

“We must all help reduce the number of accidents on the last Wednesday of the year,” a spokesperson for the country’s emergency services said. And I insist that this plan be implemented this year as well, because it will prevent and protect people’s health.

Miztabi Khaldi in an interview with informants, “Unfortunately, we see every year that people, despite their young age, use curiosity and enthusiasm in this field,” he said of the organization’s preparations for the last Wednesday of the year.

“We have a number of requests, the first of which is that parents have to take care of it,” he said. The key is to ask teens to consider the dangers and consequences they might face and not be constrained or hampered throughout their lives. Of course, this worry is different from not dying.

Khalidi continued by saying that four feet of accidents were reported last Wednesday at 140 AD: “We are asking to take measures to prevent these accidents.” The country’s emergency services are preparing training materials, and this week we will be meeting with officials to work with representatives from the Ministry of Interior, Municipalities, NGOs and TA so we can get more information. . Many people are not aware of the consequences of their actions and the feelings of others.

“Last year we were keen on the Covid-19 situation, but this year we are asking citizens to pay special attention,” he said. We are asking the police to take action on people who are active in the sale of firefighting products. For people who use incendiary substances, I would like to remind you that these people served in the police force from the time of their arrest until after Nowruz. And I insist that this plan be implemented this year as well, because it will prevent and protect people’s health.

“Some unions, due to their functions, can be exploited by stakeholders to produce incendiary materials, and they should make the necessary recommendations to these associations,” Al-Khalidi said. Today, none of the tools that can be used to make fireworks should be sold for free.

“Unfortunately, in the past years, we have seen injured bystanders,” the country’s emergency spokesman said. So today more people have to walk the main streets, and if they are in a car, the windows should be higher. Everyone should help reduce accidents on Syrian Wednesday.

Finally, he said, the country’s emergency services will once again provide educational content such as burns and trauma related to the last Wednesday of the year to its employees.

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