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For the first time, it was the country’s agriculture and industry companies that hosted the emerging ideas of young people; Within four days, the problem-oriented event of the Kawthar Economic Organization opened the feet of knowledge-dependent people to answer a question that many have not yet answered; What is the economy?

According to the informants, the issue-oriented Kawthar exhibition was held on Tuesday morning (March 2) in the presence of Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi, head of the Shaheed Foundation, and Ruhollah Dehghani Firouzabadi, vice president of science and technology, in Tehran. An international exhibition with the achievements of Kawthar Economic Companies and the Shahid Job Foundation. But what was the story?

According to Alireza Yuzbashi, secretary of this event and CEO of the Roish Kausar Business Development Institute, the problems of 37 companies of this institution were calculated before, which included 286 needs and 124 technology needs.

An exhibition for all walks of life

During the four days of this event (from March 2 to 5), these needs were presented by companies affiliated with the CAWTAR Foundation in the fields of electrical machinery, electronics, energy, finance, education, insurance, construction, mining, poultry, food industry, and agriculture.

This was despite the fact that more than 292 knowledge-based companies had pre-registered for the Kausar event, more than 250 of them attended the Startup Weekend event, and finally, these companies declared their willingness to fulfill 90 out of 124 needs.

On the opening day, Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh announced the readiness of the Kawthar Economic Organization to enter all production fields recognized by the Ministries of Peace and Agricultural Jihad, and said: Organizations affiliated with Shahid Foundation are changing their approach and are now trying to take strategic measures. In the system, they are the production of the country, that is, they have appropriated the part that requires a guarantee from the government on the one hand, and on the other hand, its production is nobody’s business.

An exhibition for all walks of life

On the other hand, the centrality of holding the exhibition, the presence of startups, and of course the achievements of the CAWTAR organization were often linked to meeting the needs of the families of martyrs and martyrs. As Nasser Fakhari, CEO of this organization, said during the Kausar problem-oriented event for Bamak system services, Kausar Common Market, which was revealed on the first day: All products of the Kausar Economic Organization are presented in this system. The pilot of our project now, the self-immolation community in Tehran, is about 100,000 people, to whom these products are delivered at a factory door price. The next stage is the self-immolation society of the whole country. Also, for the three lower decimals of the self-immolation society, one million tomans will be deducted from their wallet cards every quarter and they can shop for free. In the third stage, everyone can buy from this system and its price is definitely lower than the market. In the fourth stage, others who have products can upload and display their products in this system.

An exhibition for all walks of life

The plans of the young knowledge teams were somehow related to the needs of the families of the martyrs and the martyrs. For example, one implemented a system to recruit volunteers and others attempted to respond to their social and economic challenges in other ways.

During the exhibition, live statistical pictures and panels of the positions and revenues of the companies affiliated with Kawthar were constantly broadcasted. The CEO of this organization considered that this is based on a system called the Intelligent Resource Management System, which according to Ruhollah Rahmani (Director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Tehran), the raison d’etre for its existence is a different definition of economics, of which only places like the Kausar Organization can be at the top. .

Of course, the challenge for the KOSAR organization was not only for knowledge-based youth. The CEO of this organization told all the organizing bodies at the closing ceremony of this exhibition, “If they ask us for information from tomorrow, we will give their access to get any information they want.”

Transparency of tax issues was one of the things that Fukhari referred to through the use of the aforementioned system, and he said: Those who accused revolutionary institutions of not paying taxes should see today that Kawthar Economic Organization does not make a statement as a revolutionary institution. , but its own system. It provides it to the tax affairs organization to calculate and pay the tax.

But in the end, the challenges raised in the field of agriculture and industry by the CAWTAR organization, among the teams that tried to present their startups during the event, brought five teams to the first platform; Ithariyar was first, Bannox and the Farm Soldiers second, and Woostop and Hanersara third.

Of course, the winners of this problem-oriented event weren’t just young emerging teams; At the last stop of the problem-oriented Kawthar event, two projects and several companies affiliated with this organization were also honored, and the exhibition concluded its work at the Tehran International Fair on Friday evening (March 5), while according to the participants, this road has not ended and will continue

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