Gilan Governor visits Rasht Home for the Elderly and Disabled

According to the news agency Informants from Gilan the doctor. Osouli Abbasi marks his birthday today (Tuesday). Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and Father’s Day by a health professional the elders And handicapped Rasht visited and congratulated the clients of this clinic by donating flower branches.

He told reporters after this visit that the purpose of their presence is to congratulate them on this happy day, to rise against the elderly and the disabled in the health field and to try to improve the services of this center. The center needed support again.

Appreciating the participation of charities and philanthropists, he called on homes for the elderly and disabled in the country to seek charitable assistance.


The Governor of Gilan, referring to the strengths and weaknesses of the clients of this center, pointed out that: Disability is not a deprivation and the necessary attention must be paid to talents with the necessary planning.

Dr. promised. Abbasi did not make any effort to support the center.


At the end of the visit, he wrote a text in the memorial office for the elderly and disabled in the Rasht care home, appreciating the services of the center’s officials and staff.

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