Is there a solution to the uncertainty in the mobile phone market?

The news of banning “luxury” phones has yet to progress; From the cold winter to the hot summer, the weather is hot, and this is not the first time that some people oppose the import of the iPhone.

According to another media group, Science and Technology News Agency Anna, “I agree to import the iPhone; because when you take the iPhone out of the market, you create a monopoly on phones at the level of the iPhone, the Samsung S2 model.” This is part of what Jalal Rashidi Kouchi, a member of the 11th House of Representatives, told the “informers”. “Removing the iPhone from the market means removing competition in favor of importers of Samsung phones,” he said. And Rashidi Kochi continues: “Who registered orders for the iPhone 13 before the iPhone 14 was banned, doubled the usual capacity, and later sold it on the market at twice the price? If the iPhone 14 was to be banned, it should have happened before, not four months after the entry of the iPhone 14.” To the country, the government has decided to ban this alleged American luxury brand.

The news of banning “luxury” phones has yet to progress; From the cold winter to the hot summer, the weather is hot, and this is not the first time that some people oppose the import of the iPhone. They have been saying for years in condemning the import of luxury goods and praising local production. For this reason, the production of domestic phones has been tried many times despite the opposition of experts and the situation is still like this.

The last time was the spring of 1401 when the eleventh Parliament deputies tried to ban the import of the iPhone 14, and in May Hassan Al-Shujaei, head of the Ninety Parliament Committee, called for the implementation of the decision to ban the iPhone 14, after which he refused, along with Ali Khazrian, a spokesman for the Ninety Parliament Committee, to do so, and the Minister of Industry said And then mining and trade reported that the iPhone 14 was banned that it would be implemented in the first half of 1401. Some time passed and the import of iPhone 14 was banned, and from March 1, 1401, the import of baggage and passengers also suffered this fate, and for some time a used iPhone 13 was sold for 120 million tomans.

The order dates back to April 2018; At the same time, some members of the Tenth Parliament prepared an “urgent plan to boycott Apple” with one article and 6 comments, and the supporters of this plan took a commemorative photo with their iPhone from the moment they received it. Plan. According to this plan, the entry and release of the products of this company into the country is prohibited, and the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for monitoring its implementation. According to another part of this plan, any advertising of Apple products within the country is prohibited, and the Ministry of Communications is also obliged to refrain from registering the acquisitions of this company.

It’s been a long time since the architects of the iPhone ban were trying to pull off their plan, and for a while, iPhone imports continued. Statistics show that the import of mobile phones into the country in March 1401 amounted to about 4.5 billion dollars, more than 1.5 billion dollars were imported luxury phones and 90% on the import of iPhone phones. Until the government decided to ban imports and critics of the economy spoke of the importance of a free market economy, but the call to prayer did not condemn such a warning. Meanwhile, Rashidi Kochi, who has been talking about rentals generated in various industries for some time, wrote on his Twitter page: “$1,200 Samsung phone received the necessary permits in less than 72 hours, and that too in Nimai!” A few months later, the $1,200 iPhone is still waiting for a decision to sign up, even for travel! “Why turn less valuable issues into reasons for dissatisfaction with bland, ambiguous, and suspicious corruption decisions?”

The request to ban the import of expensive phones has been discussed for a long time, and it was the summer of 2019 when it was proposed to ban the import of phones worth more than 300 euros as a solution to the problem of import and shortage of phones in a country. Some pointed to the conditions of the economic war and the lack of foreign exchange resources as the reason for banning the import of iPhones and said that it is not reasonable to use half of the currency to import goods, including luxury phones. Of course, at the same time, some people said that the iPhone 14 is connected to the satellite internet. What has been completely forgotten are the rights of consumers and this forgetfulness continues until the question of whether these phones were registered or not was in an atmosphere of uncertainty, and after a while the official and commercial import of the iPhone was also banned, until the month of March. It was also banned from importing baggage and passengers.

Now the market does not respond to the needs of some of its customers, and fake goods made in Thailand, China and the Philippines are seen in the hands of young people. It is not clear how the goods entered the country, but due to their high abundance in the market, it appears that these phones are not imported in the form of luggage and are smuggled into the country.

What is clear is that the mobile market needs to be regulated; Recently, the Secretary of the Mobile Phone Importers Association suggested that a reasonable tariff for iPhone 14 import should be considered in order to solve the uncertainty of the iPhone 14, so that the government can earn and the task of the business situation is determined, and perhaps this time the consumer will have access to the product the original one instead of the fake one. You have, and the hand of rent seekers will be shortened and some questions will be answered.

Perhaps the question of Rachidi Kouchi, Member of the Eleventh Parliament, is the question of many iPhone 14 customers: What is the benefit of removing the iPhone 14 from the market? But it is clear that we have repeated repeated policies in different cases and repeated mistakes. Of course, this policy was the fault of some in search of rent, and there are indications in the market that smugglers have taken advantage of this ban, and the market is looking for an intermediate solution. The market and society are still looking for a quality phone and they don’t want to spend their money on trial and error policies.

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