It is not permissible to arrest those who do not have the right

Referring to the duties, responsibilities and powers of the judiciary, the chief justice said: If a person does not have the authority to arrest, the judicial authority may not issue an arrest warrant for this matter. Power. .

According to the community group affiliated with Anna News Agency, quoting the Judicial Media Center, Hojjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimin, Gholamhossein Mohseni Azi, during a five-hour meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council with the heads of the judiciary and prosecutors of the provincial centers. In honor of the Police Force Week, he said: From the bottom of Farja’s heart, I admire and thank the forces and all the forces that protect the security of the people and the homeland, and I ask God more and more success.

Referring to the efforts and sacrifices of the police force to ensure and enhance the security of citizens, the Chief Justice said: The police force is one of the most diverse and multitasking institutions. It succeeded in carrying out this operation and was able to provide security to the people and the homeland in the best way, and with the help of other related departments, it had more than 13,000 martyrs and 31,000 wounded. Given. For the country and the people.

Mohseni Ezzi clarified the important responsibility of senior judges and prosecutors in serving the people and the oppressed, establishing justice, helping the oppressed and the deprived, and confronting the oppressed and persecuted, and said: Today is one of the most important problems facing the people. Expect good behavior, good expression and good judgment from us. God forbid we should be controlled by an atmosphere of arrogance, and since we are in a judicial situation and may be judged, we should raise our voice or use inappropriate words and expressions of a judicial official.

The head of the judiciary called for the patience of the judiciary and said: Some people who go to the judicial centers are in pain and see that the judiciary is a doctor. You have to be humble in front of these clients and address their pain. On the other hand, there are people and consumers who are not satisfied with their rights and speak against each other. Therefore distinguishing between these two groups and our patience and tolerance as judicial officials before clients is paramount.

The Chief Justice added in this regard: As a judicial authority, we have serious and serious duties and responsibilities, and on the other hand, we also have the authority. Satan and the wind of the soul are also hidden. We must pay attention to these categories. If a person does not deserve to be arrested, the judicial authority will not issue an arrest warrant because of this authority. When a person does not have the right to apply legal punishment, it should not be done based on what others say. And vice versa, when we have to carry out lawful punishment against someone, we must not show undue sympathy and ask others without regard for God and the law.

At the end of the first part of his speech at the five-hour meeting of the Supreme Judicial Council with chief judges and prosecutors of provincial centers, Mohseni Ajaei advised all judicial control officers to work around the clock. In order to serve the people and deal with judicial issues, their families, judges and employees who work day and night to deal with judicial and legal matters must not neglect their work and efforts. People should spend time with their families.

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