Khandouzi’s new commentary on the remaining shares

The Minister of Economy, who had announced the determination of property shares for the deceased late last year, in his recent comments, while explaining why the allocation of shares to the survivors was fruitless, expressed his hope that this matter would be implemented. this year.

According to the informants, the issue of allocating property shares to the survivors has been raging for about three years, and although it was close to its final stages, it was finally stuck in the maze of obstacles. Accordingly, last year three million 500 thousand people were identified as equity survivors, the people covered by the Relief and Welfare Commission, as well as the first three-tenths of those three million veterans. and 500 thousand people.

But what is very important in allocating stocks to survivors is the portfolio to consider for these people. Since it was decided to allocate 10 million tomans of justice shares to each survivor, 35 thousand billion tomans of resources are needed, which must be provided from government shares in various companies.

In other words, in December of last year, with the approval of the Council of Ministers, the amount of shares that will be allocated to these people and the names of the companies whose shares will be allocated to the survivors have been determined and allocated to all survivors. 10 million Toman shares must be allocated. In this approval letter, the names of the companies whose shares were to be allocated to the survivors were also specified, which included part of the shares of Bank Tejarat, Bank Saderat, Bank Mellat, Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping and Petrochemical Industries. from the Persian Gulf.

But at the end of January 1401, the head of the Privatization Organization announced to reporters: There were two problems in handing over shares to the survivors in general. First, the approval authority should be the Supreme Council of Policy for Article 44. Not the Cabinet. Secondly, the shares should be given to the beneficiaries indirectly rather than directly. Of course, both objections have been answered, and the legal assistant is following up, and we hope that it will be accepted by the Parliament’s Implementation Committee, and they will allow us to conduct the handover at the end of the year.

While Syed Ehsan Khandozi, Minister of Economy and Finance, announced in the second half of March last year that with the approval of the Supreme Council for the Implementation of Article 44 Policies, the citizens included in the Relief and Welfare Committee who lack equity (about 3.5 million people) in the coming days will become the owners of equity shares In the last days of the said year. Exclusion of stock allocation to survivors.

The topic that Khandozi mentioned in his first statement this year and said: For stock shares, we have obtained the approval of the government council for three and a half members covered by the supporting institutions, in December, the approval council of parliament announced that this approval must be first, it must be approved in the council The Supreme Council of Article 44 is then handed over to the government, and at the end of the year we raised this issue again in the Supreme Council of Article 44 and it was finally approved, and unfortunately, as some ministries were not willing to hand over some of their subsidiaries, these shares remained hesitant until the end general.

He also expressed his hope that the budget law for the year 1402 provides for the granting of ownership shares to the survivors and we hope that this will happen this year. are implemented.

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