The new Wrestling League president’s reaction to the new responsibility Iran and world news

According to online news, Hamid Yari, the new head of the wrestling organization, said after receiving a ruling from the head of the wrestling federation: “The head of the wrestling federation has repeatedly emphasized that the wrestling league is a priority.”

He said, “The league helps wrestlers and coaches in terms of livelihood and technology, and sponsors provide training and camping conditions for wrestlers by attending the league.”

“One of our main goals is to start the original leagues across the country, the First Division and also the Premier Wrestling League,” Jari said of his goals in the league.

“We will do our best to attract sponsors for wrestling and league sports, and if we expand the team building issue to include club management, we can better serve the country’s wrestling,” he said.

The head of the league organization stated: If the clubs are active throughout the year and can maintain their presence in the league on an annual basis, the ship will have a permanent sponsor, and this will lead to the presence and participation of other sponsors. wrestling league..

“If this is done well, we can also launch a club league called the Club World Cup, which will bring more fans into the wrestling halls and more TV boats and wrestling preparations that we have been in for years,” he said.

“According to the conversation I had with the wrestling federation and my presence in the league, doing the work assigned to him requires a lot of time and space, after which the elections will take place,” said the president of the Alborz County Wrestling Council. Determining the tasks of the President of Alborz Governorate.

In the end he points out: wrestling in Alborz province has high potential and good work has been done in the basic disciplines, which will certainly lead to results if it continues. I hope that a worthy and capable person will be chosen to be the chairperson of this county wrestling board and I will do whatever is necessary to join the wrestling community in Alborz county.

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