SEO checklist ⚡️ [آپدیت 2022]

SEO checklist

If you have just created your site and need to do so SEO You have it on your site, it is best to know it in the first step to the content and SEO checklist What You Need Following this checklist will help you increase traffic to your website and blog site.

What is a search engine optimization (SEO) checklist?

Every webmaster and SEO expert into one SEO checklist Need. Because having a comprehensive list of all the tasks for which SEO You have to do it, you will not miss anything anymore. Link building and initial SEO activities are things that you sometimes forget to complete and don’t do when needed.

What is a search engine optimization (SEO) checklist?

Why do we need an SEO checklist?

one of the characteristics of the activity SEODoing big and small things. These activities begin as soon as the site is launched, and for each piece of work, you encounter a host of other activities. For example, when publishing content, you should consider several factors such as article title, meta description, image optimization, etc. Because of their large number, the probability of forgetting some of these activities is high. For all these cases, field activities SEO Add technical and external SEO. For this reason, the existence of a SEO checklist to do things SEO site it is necessary.

Types of SEO Checklist

related business SEO There is a lot you can get for each SEO checklist Created in continuation of the text to provide a basic reference list SEOWe will push technical SEO checklist, internal and external SEO.

The basis of search engine optimization

The tasks in the initial checklist SEO There, it does not mean directly raising your site’s position in the search results. But it is an infrastructural activity that will eventually increase your site’s rank.

  1. Install Google Search Console

One of the most important tools for activities SEO, is the search console. With the help of Search Console, you can see how your site performs in the search results. View the keywords you rank for, find errors on the site and import the sitemap file.

  1. Install Google Analytics

With the help of this tool, you can check the number of visitors to your site and know where each visitor enters your site and how they interact with the site. If you connect this plugin to the search console, you can use more features.

  1. Install the SEO plugin

If your site is WordPress and a plugin SEO Need, you can use plugins like yoast, rank math, seo framework for optimization and also SEO site Use yourself

SEO site

  1. Create a sitemap

A sitemap shows Google search engines where your site’s content is located. In this case, search engines can easily view and index the contents of your site. This work has a significant impact on SEO site he got it.

  1. create a file ROBOT. TXT

ROBOT.TXT is a text file that tells search engines which part of the site they can view and which they are not allowed to visit.

Technical SEO checklist

If the technical principles SEO site If it is not followed, your site may not get the ranking it deserves. Below, we will go over the most important technical SEO tasks.

  1. Website structure design

Site users and search engines should be able to easily browse through different pages and topics and easily access whatever they want. This is why, once you launch a site, you need to have a plan for organizing its pages and defining content categories and internal links between pages from the get-go.

  1. Ensure clarity of website pages

If your pages are not visible, Google will not be able to index them. Therefore, it is important to check for errors related to the bot. Ignoring this issue has a negative impact on your SEO.

Types of SEO Checklist

  1. Ensure that pages are indexable

Indexing pages are different from seeing them. If the new index tag is used on one of your site’s pages, the requested page will be shown but not indexed.

  1. Take advantage of https

https is a protocol for internet pages that protects people’s information. Using this protocol will improve your ranking with Google.

  1. Access to the site only in one domain

Your website should not be accessible from different addresses. Because there are indexing, security and site view issues. It is better to redirect the addresses of different sites to one of them.

  1. Website speed check

Website page speed is known as one of the most important ranking factors in Google. It is better to know that the speed of the site plays a very important role in improving the experience of working on the site.

An internal SEO checklist

  1. Take advantage of url short ones

The url of the site’s pages appears in the search results. If you use a short url it will be displayed in full to the user. short url in SEO site It has a big impact.

  1. Use catchy titles

A catchy page title is an element that is displayed in search results. If you write an attractive title, it will encourage the user to click.

  1. Write compelling meta descriptions

The meta description is another part that displays in the search results. Since this section is longer, you will have more time to describe the content of that page.

  1. Link to related resources

Linking to relevant pages of the site helps users navigate your site more easily.

SEO checklist

An external SEO checklist

  1. Consider competitor links

By monitoring your competitors, you can check the external links they are getting. This will help you SEO site Enjoy your time.

  1. Recover lost links

You should always be careful about inbound links to the Site. Because sometimes these links may be damaged or lost for any reason. In this case, you can contact the source site and ask them to fix your site link. This work has a significant impact on SEO site he got it.

  1. Introduce the site to others

Until other people know your site, they can’t link to it. Based on this, it is best to try to present your site to people who are interested in your field and can provide a link to it.


this is SEO checklist Helps you in all activities SEO site Watch yourself and get the best possible results. Also if you are looking for Basic SEO training You can refer to the Vendo Academy website and if you have any SEO issue or question you can go to the section Search engine optimization consulting Connect with our colleagues.

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