The visit of the head of the State Social Affairs Authority to the informants’ booth in the directors’ cooperative exhibition 1401

Muhammad Abbasi, Head of the State Social Affairs Authority, visited the informants’ booth at the Synergy of Directors Exhibition 1401.

Muhammad Abbasi, who was present at the informants booth at the Synergy Fair of the Directors of the 1401 Mosque in Tehran, said in a conversation with informants about the performance of the country’s Social Council in the fight against social damage: There was a strong will to deal with social damage. Damage has been created. In fact, according to the approach of this government to social and cultural issues, the will to fight against social harm is formed and the ideas formed in the field of combating social harm are more cultural which provides a basis for specialization. capacity

He added: It seems that most of the Interior Ministry tried in the past to implement the Supreme Leader of the revolution in this field, but there are problems in this direction, such as the organization of social affairs for the country. In a formal form, an agile and powerful organization was formed. In the interest of the jurist, it is not formed independently. An organization that can use all the capabilities of the hardware together in the form of a program to solve this problem.

He stressed: It is undoubtedly necessary to create a strong and agile structure to implement the Supreme Leader’s orders in the field of combating social harm, which is what we are seriously striving for and will benefit from the will of 13 people. Positive trends of the government and the president in this area.

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