Tehran Crisis Management warns respiratory patients after an expected increase in polluting particles

Referring to the meteorological forecasts of declining air quality in Tehran, the Director General of Crisis Management in Tehran Province asked people with respiratory diseases to refrain from outdoor travel due to the increase in polluting particles.

According to the informants, Hamid Yazdi Online said, referring to the Meteorological Authority issuing a yellow warning for the weather in Tehran Province: According to this warning, we will experience an increase in atmospheric pollutants and a decrease in air quality as of noon on June 29. to Thursday 1 July. According to forecasts, this decrease in air quality will appear today, especially in the central and southern half, and on Thursday in the western and southwestern regions of Tehran Province.

Yazdi Online said: It is necessary for people with respiratory diseases and underlying diseases, such as children and the elderly, not to be outdoors during high dust and low air quality.

Noting that according to the meteorological report, strong winds are also expected in the province, the Director General of the Crisis Management Department of Tehran Province also warned of temporary structures and said: During the occurrence of strong winds, the possibility of breaking seedlings and old trees is also far away, so it is not expected That citizens avoid parking and staying under trees that may cause danger.

Yazdi Online warned of potential damage risks to urban equipment, including falling signs and billboards, and said: We ask the beneficial owners of these equipment to ensure the strength of these items.

According to the Director General of Crisis Management in Tehran Province, the members of the Crisis Management Headquarters in the cities of Tehran Province are also on alert due to the warnings given by the Meteorological Agency.

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